Alexander Wang, Uncategorized ALEXANDER WANG MARTI LEATHER BACKPACK 29 June 2011

If you’re into fashion, you’ll know by now that is having a huge sale. I knew about this when the sale first opened, but logged onto the USA site and didn’t see anything particularly interesting. But last week, I logged onto the UK/International site thanks to Pebz and spotted something veeeeeery interesting indeed, and so snapped it up!

It’s the Alexander Wang – Marti leather backpack and I’d been eyeing that for awhile but never bought it because I thought it was crazy expensive at full retail. But since it was at such a big discount AND they have a great return policy, I thought I’d get it anyway, despite never having seen it in real life before.

Weeeeelllll… IT’S HERE!!!!

3-day delivery via DHL, net-a-porter is awesome.

The thing is…. I’m not sure about it. It’s a wee bit on the heavy side (due to all the metal zips and hardware), and the colour is so light that Mum pointed out that it’s a bit impractical. I wanted a backpack because I thought I could lug a lot of stuff around, and throw/bash it around with wild abandon. But then, I can’t exactly abuse and chuck around a designer backpack in super-light leather, can I??? Chris is also a bit iffy as he reckons “it makes you look like a schoolgirl…. and not in a good way” D’oh!!!

But I like it because of the ultra slouchy leather (mmm…) and the wonderful smell of it (mmmmm…). If only it was on sale in the smoke/black colour, that would be perfect!

So what do YOU think??

Keep, or return it?

Alexander Wang – Marti leather backpack

Modelling shots

On me