This photo gives me all the feels.

A sweet moment when my eldest just turned around and gave me a HUGE hug!

Hunter and I attended a mummy-and-me cooking event at Culinary On with Harper’s Bazaar Junior magazine. It was so nice meeting other mums, and – oh boy – did we have fun cooking!

The youngest attendee there, all Chloe could do was look eagerly at all the food. Skippy Singapore is launching NEW packaging for their Creamy peanut butter, and it’s pretty genius. The squeezy pouch means it’s sanitary (is anyone else as GROSSED OUT when they see bits of leftover bread and whatever in the peanut butter jar, left behind because a lazy ass person didn’t wipe the knife properly?), and I feel like it’s cleaner since the contents isn’t exposed to air as much. Plus, it’s way more fun for the kids.

Chloe had her first ever lick of peanut butter… and loved it!


My little chefs, paying attention to head chef Daniel Teo. Hunter immediately recognised him (from a previous cooking event) and was delighted! He spent most of the event following Daniel around like a puppy.. proudly showing off all his foodie creations.

Enthusiastically whacking his Koko Crunch cereal.. which both my boys are OBSESSED over after discovering it while we were on holiday recently. It’s chocolate, but hey, at least it’s a wholegrain cereal!


Making caramel sauce..


The lil Masterchef wannabe in action.


Chloe is – as usual – FAR too interested in food to bother looking at the camera. Skippy Peanut butter and jelly macaroons? Yum!


Blogger mum and posing blogger kid in action 😉



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