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Watching the professionals
Kids Brazilian Jujitsu class, watching the professionals


Hunter and Carter have been attending FaMA (Fitness and Martial Arts) school for 3 months now, specifically the kids Brazilian Jujitsu class twice a week.

You can read about my initial thoughts about FaMA here, but here’s an update now that we’re 3 months in…


Relay races
Relay races

The kids class follow the same structure each time, which I think works really well especially for younger kids – they know exactly what to expect next.

They start off with warm ups together, doing jumping jacks, squats, crunches, etc. Basically what an adult would do to warm up before exercise, but sometimes modified so it’s more kid friendly.

Then it’s relay races, which is what you see above. They go down in pairs, and I’ve noticed the instructors try to pair off kids with similar aptitude so it’s a fair race.


There’s forward rolls (in the video above), backward rolls, bear crawls, etc, etc. Here’s where you can really see your kid’s personality shine through 😉 For example,

Hunter – competitive but expects to win. So he takes it hard when he ‘loses’ to his partner, and then sulks and is really dramatic about it. I’ve tried to counsel him that it’s about getting fit and strong and not about winning, but it falls on deaf ears. Regardless, I think it’s good for him to lose sometimes, and learn how that feels and learn how to deal with it.

Carter – not as competitive but naturally strong and athletic. I personally think this is where Carter does really well. He started off average as he had to learn all the moves and get used to the sensation of rolling, etc. But after a couple of weeks, he got better and better. He’s actually really good and really fast! And when he wins, he has this shy glow of pride on his face as he sneakily looks at me for approval – it’s too cute!


The little speed demon in action. I find it so thrilling how he excels in sports, because both Chris and I don’t.. so it’s pretty novel for us to witness!



Both boys like this next activity, which is practicing take downs and side control moves. They’re paired off and get one-on-one attention from the instructor on how to subdue an opponent safely and effectively.

I reckon this skill is really good for kids to know, as they also learn how to fall safely and what to do if another kid (especially a bigger one) tries to tackle them.


That moment when the girl's on top of you, but you're just not feeling it ... ?
That moment when the girl’s on top of you, but you’re just not feeling it … ?

Somehow.. I think Carter’s looking a bit to chill here!


Practicing tackling moves
Practicing tackling moves

Hunter, learning how to toss off an opponent if he’s been taken down. There’s actually an art to doing so, which kids learn during the classes.


Level up!
Carter levels up!

So, Carter, has been consistently going to FaMA for kids Brazilian Jujitsu class twice a week for the past 3 months… and his hard work paid off. He was presented with his first stripe for his belt!

He was so proud of himself, brimming with happiness. And I’m super proud of him! He’s one of the youngest in the class, but has tried really hard and has come a l-o-n-g way in terms of fitness and aptitude.


Adult fitness class
Adult fitness class

And Hunter, about mid-way, decided the kids Brazillian Jujitsu class wasn’t for him… and the adults’ FaMA Fitness class was.

This is the class that I was doing (before I got too heavily pregnant), and lemme tell ya – IT IS NOT EASY. It’s basically HIIT training for one hour….. and a serious, massive workout!

And Hunter keeps up with the adults the entire way!

He’s actually really good at this class, since he’s lighter, more nimble, and more flexible than most adults. And he naturally gravitates towards hanging out with adults, so he’s refused to go back to the kids class. I’d also be lying if I didn’t admit that he also declared the instructor “really pretty” and has re-named her Glitter Sparkles. Nutjob, this kid!


Hunter doing his minute-long Mountain Climbers with the instructor. It amazes me how he can do an hour of intense cardio with the adults and not wake up sore the next day!


FaMA’s official website offers an unlimited one-week trial here, which is a really good way for your kids to do a couple of classes (while you work out along side them – win win).



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