Uncategorized FOOD REVIEW: The Tastemaker Store @ Havelock Road 6 March 2015

Tastemaker Store on Havelock Road

I was immediately charmed the moment I stepped into The Tastemaker Store. Sunlight streams into the white-and-pale-wood cafe, and the pretty yet tidy decor is a total feast on the eyes. It’s soothing, and absolutely gorgeous to look at.

 The cafe looks quite Scandinavian, but the menu takes a heavy nod on the local side. Think of it as a bit of modern-local cuisine. Prices are amazing – a set meal is just $5.80 and consists of a bread+eggs and a beverage. To be honest, the decor and ambiance of the place is a bit deceiving.. you’d think prices would be double that of what you’re actually charged!

Did I also mention that water is complimentary and free flow? 🙂


Tastemaker Store on Havelock Road

This is the bread+eggs part of the $5.80 set meal. Normally I would NEVER order lemon anything, because I don’t like the stuff. But, they convinced me to get the Lemon Curd and Clotted Cream Toast Set. 

It was…………………… FREAKING AMAZING!!!

The toast was hot, buttered muffin – exceedingly fluffy and airy, yet with moistness whilst you’re chewing. The lemon curd was creamy and silky, with a sharp tang but not too sour. And the clotted cream? So thick and sticky and wonderful spread out on top of the lemon curd. I have never eaten toast like this before, and am still dreaming about this…


Tastemaker Store on Havelock Road

Their Earl Grey Chocolate Tart. I’m not sure if this is made by the cafe, or purchased from a baker. But it is absolutely divine and also a must-order.

I asked them to warm up the tart, so the chocolate was running and ooey gooey. It’s thick, rice, and dark. I actually detected no earl grey flavour, but that was fine with me because I was too busy enjoying the quality chocolate. The chocolate goes half way down, and the bottom half is a moist and crumbly cake-biscuit texture – it’s fantastic.

The nondescript looking ‘brown bits’ on top are chopped nuts, and brought a whole new level of deliciousness to the tart when I spread it out across the tart so every bite had a bit of crushed nuts.

Ohhhhh this tart is basically sublime!


Tastemaker Store on Havelock Road

I opted for an English Breakfast tea that morning, since I’d already had a coffee. I didn’t manage to catch the brand of tea used, but it was a quality one, and came in a pyramid-shaped tea bag (ie. not a Lipton tea bag!).


Tastemaker Store on Havelock Road

The menu is up for display outside the cafe. It’s situated in a housing estate area, hence I suppose why the prices are excellent. It’s a real different concept to the other very local joints on the same street, but really works because the food is outstanding, and so is the service (they even loaned me their iPhone cable to charge my phone!).

I’m so going back – it’s not often you find really cheap food in Singapore in such a gorgeous cafe!



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