Carter, Carter's progress, HUNTER, CARTER & CHLOE MY ACTIVE KID 24 July 2014


My badass bandit on his swanky red scooter – a Y Glider, from Mothercare. He’s never really used a scooter before, despite getting this one a few months ago. When he was younger, he was stuck on his Ybike, so that’s all he used. But suddenly, a few days ago, he ‘discovered’ his red scooter and took it out for a spin.


It made me wish I’d dug it out earlier for him to have a go on, because he learned how to use it within a few minutes and was speeding around on the second day of using it. I remember Hunter was a speed demon on his scooter by this age, so I feel a bit guilty that Carter is late to the game.

Well, better late than never. He’s loving it, and keeps asking to go to the playground to scoot!



This is Carter’s levitating act. Just kidding. He had the opportunity to attend My Gym and had a grand ‘ol time running all over the place, singing along, and participating in their activities. In this activity, they stand on the little bean bag and jump. And JUMP he did!! I’ve noticed that Carter has this odd and incredible talent of jumping. He could do so soon after he started walking, and could jump with both feet in the air – high.

He’s an advanced jumper – by that I mean he could jump much much earlier than the average age a kid can jump – but I’m still trying to figure out how this ‘talent’ of his is, in any way shape or form, useful 😉


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