Uncategorized AMO ROMA 17 February 2007

Amo Roma
135 George St
The Rocks, NSW 2000

I was last at Amo Roma with a girl friend a couple of months ago, and had a really fab meal. Went back again this friday for lunch. It’s a great place to meet up with friends for a nice meal – beautiful glass windows with the sun pouring in, and fabulous service. Not to mention authentic Italian food. I’m normally not too impressed with pasta/pizza, since I think I can make it the same for a fraction of the cost. But they were GOOD.. and we selected dishes that you wouldn’t normally cook at home.

“Step through the historic sandstone and stained glass facade, into this stylish and modern Italian restaurant.” Very aptly described. It’s got a fantastic interior that makes you just want to sit and chat for ages. They also have an extensive menu, which we took ages to choose from. Ironically, the 5 of us only had 3 different dishes! All 3 were fantastic though. I had the Penne crab: crab meat, mushrooms, olives & chilli in a tomato creamy sauce – was very very smug with myself that I chose this particular dish. I can make pasta, but not like this. It was thick and creamy, swimming with crab meat and goodies. It was spicy, bursting with flavour, and oh-so-delicious. All washed down with some chilled white wine. Mmmm..

Wanted to reserve stomach space, however, for some dessert. Can’t go to an Italian restaurant and not order dessert, right?! My choice (and the recommendation) was the Warm sticky date pudding: winter pudding served with hot butterscotch sauce. Surprisingly, it wasn’t all rich and heavy, rather it was pretty light with a mild flavour. Fantastic, because then you don’t feel fat and ill afterwards 😉 The butterscotch sauce was awesome, as was the generous scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Amo Roma from the outside

The al-fresco courtyard

Inside the restaurant


Penne crab: crab meat, mushrooms, olives & chilli in a tomato creamy sauce (AU$18.00)

Fettuccine vongole: baby clams tossed with chilli, fresh herbs, garlic, tomato & olive oil (AU$18.00)

Spaghetti marinara: fresh seafood selection tossed with olive oil, white wine & tomato sauce (AU$18.00)

Warm sticky date pudding : winter pudding served with hot butterscotch sauce (AU$9.50)

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