Carter, Carter's progress, HUNTER, CARTER & CHLOE CARTER AND HIS BIG BOY BIKE 7 March 2016

So Hunter learned how to ride a 16″ two-wheeler bike back when he was 3 years old.. but near the tail-end when he was almost turning 4. That surprised us, since he’s such a cautious kid, but hey, he’s obsessed (always was, still is, and probably always will be) with wheels.

But Carter. Our crazy daredevil kid. We held back getting him his own big boy two-wheeler bike, since I wasn’t sure how fast he would go and all the crazy stunts he would get up to once he was off.

So when he turned 3.5 years old (ie. last month in Feb), we decided to pop him on Hunter’s bike to see if he’d dare to ride it.

And he did!

He’d previously used a 12″ two-wheeler and the frame was just too short, so he rode it about 4 times and really hated it, whinging that he wanted to use the scooter instead. But, on a 16″ two-wheeler, the frame is heaps longer and he simply rode straight off… the very first time. It’s amazing the different the wheel size makes!


He’s infinitely proud of himself, and pretty chuffed with all the attention he gets when he zooms around.



Admittedly and, as expected, he goes a wee bit too fast for comfort, which means I have to run behind him like a mad woman to try and keep up!



Looking forward to family weekends cycling around East Coast Park now. It honestly is really lovely once kids grow up, especially for us since our kids are 18 months apart. The baby days seem so far away now, and we get to do all these family activities with our (big) kids!



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  • Michael Venditti on Facebook posted on March 8, 2016 at 2:13 am

    Is it raining in that video? I couldn’t tell.

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