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Hunter’s been going to Yamaha music for awhile now, so thought I’d write down my thoughts about it.

My kids don’t do any other “enrichment” program, mainly because we feel that it’s, well, not necessary! It’s tough having that stance, when it feels like every parent in Singapore is frantically signing up their kid for math, science, chinese, drama, tennis, swimming, etc, etc, etc lessons. Most kids here have a crazier schedule than I do 😉

But I feel that there is much to be said about kids just… having fun. Not having formal classes, not having a teacher, but just running outside or having a swim or scootering by the river.

Then again, I also appreciate a kid with a musical mind. I like how Yamaha is a structured lesson, but introduces the art of music in a very gentle and ‘easy’ way. Hunter has a great teacher, and he’s actually been learning quite a lot!



If you’re thinking of enrolling your kid in Yamaha, I’d recommend the SECOND year and up. The very first (entry level) year was largely useless, IMHO. They just waved their hands and listened to music – something we could easily (and did) do at home. But in the second year, they learn awesome skills like playing the piano, and theory.

If your kid has been exposed to music before, just start in Yamaha’s second year! This is what we’re doing with Carter. He’s been exposed to a lot of it (rubbed off from Hunter), so we will be putting him in the second year instead. And, frankly, he knows – and can do – as much as Hunter can… so technically you can just enrol your older kid in, and let the younger one learn off him/her for free 😉


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  • Cindy Ng on Facebook posted on June 12, 2015 at 8:59 am

    Isy is also in Yamaha JMC and Tabby was in year 1 and 2 of JMC. We stopped Tabby only because we couldn’t find a suitable timeslot and so converted her to private classes. Learning music also stretches their minds and improves their memory (music is a lot like Maths in some way isn’t it?). I really think it’s worthwhile getting kids started with music at a young age!

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