Friends, Hunter A SUPER SWEET 1-MONTH PARTY 28 December 2011

My lovely girl friend gave birth recently and had her baby’s one month birthday party the other day. Her daughter’s name is Arissa, isn’t that the prettiest name?! She’s such a docile baby.. slept through pretty much the whole party and I didn’t even hear a peep. I don’t even remember that stage anymore, now that Hunter’s so vocal and mobile!

Gorgeous lil girl in the prettiest dress!


One lovely mamma


We had lovely catered Nyona (one of my faves!) food and a yummy frozen yogurt machine that delighted the kids 😉 And… errr… delighted me as well.

My fave food served there was the frozen yogurt 🙂


Hunter nomming on a rusk


Hunter was highly amused with the little girls, and I think the feeling was mutual! It was fantastic as they, literally, spent hours amusing him.. which meant I could chat and eat. Kinda wish he had an older brother/sister to play and interact with him at home, because he really does adore watching and hanging out with other kids. Then again, at least when we have #2, they will have Hunter as an older brother to play with!

Highly amused by the girls there!


The girls made great babysitters. He loved them!


Pretty pink gift bags 🙂


The lovely pool. Shame I didn't bring Hunter's swimmers!


Come to think of it, I think this is the first one-month party I’ve been to.. since no one else I know celebrates it. Hunter didn’t get a one-month party, so I’ll make it up by throwing him a 1st birthday party 😛


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

thank you for coming,hon;) it was nice to see you and dear Hunter! Looking forward to playmate soon! Xoxo

Oh the 1st month celebration is a very Chinese tradition. I didn’t do that either, cos it was simply too tiring! Pool looks soooo gorgeous! Miss summer already after so many days of long nights here!