eBay, Hunter, Uncategorized BEING A SAHM 26 April 2011

There is another celebration other than Hunter’s 3 month birthday……….


I used to look at women in senior positions and/or climbing the career ladder quit their jobs and end up looking messy and running after a toddler and think “What a fall from grace.” Now, I FULLY understand and support their decision.

When Hunter was born, everything to do with career and work went right out the window, and 100% of my focus was on Hunter. In the past few months, I can’t fathom being apart from him during the day. Miss out on all his milestones? My heart would break. Not being able to inhale his yummy baby smell 24/7? Out of the question.

After 7 years at eBay spanning across Australia and China, I felt my time was up and it was time to move on. I am, proudly, a stay-at-home mum. I used to think there was something a little sad, a little ‘I’ve given up’ about that title. Now, I relish in that status. Will I go back to work? Most likely, one day. But not yet.

And so, it’s onto the most challenging and most rewarding job in the world for me…. being a SAHM 🙂

Oh what good times we’ve had!

But now I wake up to something even BETTER every morning