Chanel, FASHION, Shopping, Uncategorized CHANEL EXPANDABLE LAMBSKIN TOTE 1 June 2010

So quite a lot of you have really sharp eyes and spotted the Chanel in the picture I posted last week 😛

I’ve always thought Chanel was a lovely brand, and have always wanted to buy a handbag. However, every single time I went into the store, I just couldn’t find anything that tickled my fancy! I always found their bags were either a bit odd-looking, or just not super soft and slouchy (like my beloved Balenciagas). And so, months and years passed by and I never could find anything that I really wanted to buy…. probably a good thing for my bank account 😛

But recently, whilst surfing the net, I stumbled across photos the Chanel expandable lambskin tote. It was big and roomy, in a gorgeous soft lambskin, and with Chanel’s iconic quilting pattern and chain straps. Fascinated, I called and checked basically almost every store, in every country in the world. Only to be told it was a limited edition and completely “sold out”. Arrrghhhhh!

I coveted it more and more, and lay in wait, stalking eBay obsessively for weeks.. but it either didn’t come up, or was ridiculously priced. Then finally, a lady I knew online was selling hers, in new condition! Even better, she lived in California and near the Hotel Valencia where I was staying, so she very very nicely drove all the way over (at 11PM at night!) to meet me and pass me the bag, saving me shipping costs 🙂

I looooove the way the leather smells, and how soft, unstructured and slouchy it is. Perfectly my style, and the “CHANEL” logo is a small silver one at the top and not massively across the bag, so it’s not totally obvious it’s Chanel unless you look closely. And I like the fact that it’s limited edition and not their super popular 2.55 bags that are a dime a dozen now, not to mention faked all over the place 🙁 They look really good on people, but I don’t think it’s for me.

This bag’s really roomy, and fits in a TON of my junk. I do wish it wasn’t so high, because I have to stick my hand allll the way down (even though I’m using a purse organiser, which fits in perfectly btw), but it does look good that way I guess 😛 I also love how the chain straps ‘cinch’ the bag shut, so pick-pocketers can’t get in easily.

My favourite purchase during my entire USA trip, by far. Happy day! 😀

I even like the box, LOL

Chanel expandable lambskin tote

Awesome slouchy leather… mmm…

I love the little details

Cute zipper! The “CC” is so solid and heavy

I like the way it hangs 🙂

It doesn’t look to massive on me, yay!