San Jose, Uncategorized USA: THE BAD PARTS 25 May 2010

Hello World. Remember me? I’m baaaaacccckk 🙂

So…2 bad things that happened whilst I was in the USA:

  1. I put on 2 KG. I suppose the frantic shoving of fabulous American food into my face didn’t help, but I had so little time, and SO SO much to eat! It was a whirlwind of lots of Mexican food, burgers, pizzas, more burgers, ice creams, more burgers, Cinnabons, fried chicken, more burgers, cupcakes, oh, and….. burgers too. OH HOW I ADORE AMERICAN FOOD. Best food in the world. Unfortunately, gaining almost 5% of my whole body weight (!!!) wasn’t on the agenda, but it happened. Boo.
  2. Some dipshit stole my camera. Am especially furious about this, and have spent the past few days daydreaming about various torture techniques to implement on this little shit. We were out clubbing on Santana Row (a really nice/ritzy area) so I didn’t even think thieves would be in the area. I wrapped up my (brand new) wallet with my camera in my big scarf, and put it on a chair and pushed it under the table, and the shit actually opened it up and took my camera (but, miraculously not my wallet). Still can’t believe someone would actually steal, how do they sleep at night knowing they’re a low life piece-of-shit thief?? Worst of all, ALL MY PHOTOS were on it.. not just the USA trip photos, but tons of photos for months and months before that too. I feel totally sick just thinking about it.

Fortunately, lots of good stuff happened too.. basically everything else in the trip except for those 2 above. And obviously, I can’t blog it properly since all the photos are stolen. But I will still do bits and bobs and probably just *ahem* steal photos off the official sites since I still really want to remember the trip, and for reference for next time 😛

Bye bye USA!