HOLIDAYS, Sanya, Uncategorized SANYA: THE BANYAN TREE RESORT 24 March 2010

I squawked with delight when we stepped into our Banyan Tree villa. I know I’m easily excited and easily impressed, but I just LOVED the villa! It was very very much like our Shangri-La villa during our Maldives honeymoon.. except obviously not actually sitting above the ocean. The layout and prettiness of it, though, was quite similiar. I can see why the Banyan Tree has such a good reputation – their attention to detail is impressive, not to mention their spectacular service. Everything that we wanted was provided for, and we were left with nothing to do but to kick back and relax.

The villa was really, really big. Hard to show in the photos, but it just felt like being in a house. The ceilings were really high, and the lighting and sound system was fantastic. I was particularly impressed with their air-conditioning system, which let out cool air but didn’t blast it out. I’m very particular about air conditioning because I hate feeling the air on me, and I hate dry air. For some reason, theirs was spot-on perfect.

During the day, we simply turned off the air conditioner, and threw open the big glass doors. Because directly outside the bedroom, you step into the private pool. I LOVED that! So fun leaping from the bed into the pool 😛 And this is where we stayed the entire time… with a villa like this, we figured there’s no need to actually go out onto the streets of Sanya and explore the city 😛

A selection of coffees and also teapots with assorted tea leaves!!! Ahhhhh!

Why don’t ALL hotels/resorts have this? It was so cute!

The bedroom with it’s massive bed

And a really high ceiling with skylights. I loved this.

Overlooking the private pool

Open those glass sliding doors and you can hop from the bed, into the pool 😉

The room gets really, really romantic at night.. with surround sound mood music.

His and Hers slippers. Loved ’em as hotel slippers are always too big for me.

Burning essential oils and also incense sticks

Big bathroom with His and Hers sinks

Open the glass sliding doors and you step out into the open-air bath!

The bathtub ‘floats’ in a pond with lilies and makes
an insanely romantic evening bath under the stars.. *swoon*

Cute pottery holders for shampoo/conditioner/bath gel and a freakin’ fantastic
rain shower (not pictured cos it was too high up) with pebbles all over the floor.

The dressing room area, with a naked Chris hiding from my camera 😛

A glimpse of our private pool at night. Deckchairs are on the left (in the dark)
and the day bed (all lit up)…. Romantic night-time skinny dipping, anyone? 😉

That concludes your tour of the Banyan Tree villa. Thank you and goodbye 😀