Charity, Uncategorized VOLUNTEERING @ JINGAN DISABLED CENTER 31 May 2009

Volunteered at the JingAn Disabled Center, a center that helps out mentally and physically disabled adults. It’s close to my place, so makes it really convenient for me too 🙂 On the agenda was making zong zi, which is sticky rice wrapped up in leaves. I LOVE zong zi, and coincidentally, it’s zong zi festival right now in China, so I’ve been eating zhong zi nearly every day 😉 This time, we made the sweet ones with red beans inside, and I was surprised by how easy they were to make. It was really fun teaching the people there how to make ’em!

Next was making paper stars – I used to make tons of these as a kid! They were actually way way way harder to teach, since they require a lot more concentration and dexterity than the zhong zi. I was pretty exhausted after teaching/helping to make ’em 😛 Was a great day, and really funto teach and make friends with the people there – they’re all so sweet 🙂

Preparations and briefing

Getting down to it

So first you make the leaf into a cone shape

Then you add in the sticky rice

Pop some red beans in

And wrap it all up!

And then we made little colourful paper stars

Us hard at work

The whole lot of us! I’m top-row, 3rd from the left 🙂