Uncategorized CABRAMATTA VIETNAMESE FOOD 4 June 2007

ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12 of us made the drive down to Cabramatta on Sunday. Purpose? An unofficial guided tour, led by one of our own, of the Vietnamese community which included food and shopping. Wheeee! The drive didn’t take too long, thankfully, but by the time we got there we were starving! Cabramatta is…. crowded. Weirdly so. I’d always assumed the ‘life’ of Sydney was right in the middle of the City but nooooo, this place was totally packed! People milling around, people eating, people shopping, people everywhere. So surprising! There’s a strong Vietnamese presence in the area which, in my mind, translates to authentic Vietnamese food. Yayyyyy!

We made a bee-line for Phu Quoc, a traditional Vietnamese restaurant. It’s tiny, and was packed when we got there despite it not even being noon yet. “No problem. 5 minutes!” said to our waiter. We gave each other strange looks – I mean, the tables were all full, how would they be able to fit 12 people in?! But by some stroke of magic, they really did clear tables for us and we squished in 😛

The Vietnamese experts in our group ordered, and boy, did they order. I think we ordered double what each person could actually eat 😉 It seemed like we ordered one of every item on the menu – there was SO MUCH FOOD that the waiters couldn’t actually fit it on our table, so we had to quickly scoop food onto our plates so the next set of dishes could be served. Very funny 😛 We were rolling around a bit woozy from all the food afterwards, and the price came to a mind-bogglingly cheap $20pp, insane because of the sheer amount of food we’d ordered!

After that, we walked around the little Vietnamese shops and also stopped for some dessert. It was a great afternoon with gorgeous weather – quite unbelievable since we’re technically officially in winter, yet it was warm and sunny outside. So lovely!

Phu Quoc


I love how you can help yourself to cutlery, sauces and tissues


More drinks

Sauces and red-hot chilli

Vietnamese spring rolls, prettily presented


Deep-fried quail – just like KFC, but I didn’t like the fiddly bones

Noodles with tons of veg (eek!)

A piece of pig blood jelly. OMG!!!!

Egg Rice with Crispy Skin Chicken. Soooo fat and juicy

Prawn Cake around Bamboo

You wrap it up in a lettuce leaf and some vermicelli, then dip in the sauce. Mmm!

Pork Pate, Pork Chop, Shredded Pork and Egg on Rice

Beef Pho Noodle Soup

These fat noodles with crab meat. I LOVED this!!!
Holy smokes, easily one of the best Vietnamese dish I’ve ever had.

Hot pot

Raw beef to go into the hot pot

Cookin’ up the beef

Veggies *yawn*

Walking around Cabramatta

Loads of stalls with food on display