FOOD, Food reviews, Uncategorized MAKAN @ ALICE’S 26 August 2006

Makan @ Alice’s
262—264 Pennant Hills Rd
Thornleigh, NSW 2120

“Saturday, we’re going to Alice’s”, Chris announced the day I got back from Singapore. He certainly didn’t forget it.. as today, he was bouncing all over the place, eager to get to Alice’s ASAP. As it turns out, he hadn’t been there for 6-7 weeks.. much to his sadness. So it was time to get some SG food into him 😛

I wasn’t as terribly keen as I normally am, for obvious reasons! 2 full weeks of all-out SG food has made me a bit bored of it 😛 But I was excited that they had Popiah (Braised radish, beans, egg, sprouts, Chinese sausage, tofu, lettuce, special sauces in a fresh spring roll wrap) on the menu.. since I’d had it for the 1st time in SG just last week and loved it. I wanted to see if Alice’s made it the authentic way. Verdict? I’d say it’s good, but not all that authentic. I suppose they have to make do with what they’ve got available in Australia.. The popiah skin was a bit thicker than the authentic version, and a bit dry. I also found the chilli sauce a bit different in taste.. and it was a bit strange with the tofu cubes and lupcheong (aka chinese sausage) in it – I think normal popiah doesn’t have it?? But it was still delicious :)~ Unfortunately it was AU$8.50 for 2 rolls!!!! The same thing would cost AU$2.00 in Singapore. Shocking. But since there are no other good SG food places around (compared to Singapore where practically all food stalls have all the same food), I guess their prices can be bumped up since there’s no where else to go for a cheaper meal 😛 Would I get their popiah again? Probably.. 😛

Chris had usual Char Kway Teow.. or as he rattles off like a pro, “Char Kway Teow, medium spicy, with no bean sprouts please”. We also shared a tall glass of chilled Chendol and some Kueh dar dar for dessert. Also bought some Yam Cake (forgot the proper Chinese name!) to bring to work for lunch.

Anyway, as usual, Alice’s is always a winner. I wish they would cut their prices by 50% though.. it feels absurd when I pay $2.00 for the same dish in Singapore, and it costs $10 here. And it’s not like the ingredients are more/better either.. it’s just the fact that minimum wage in Australia is much higher, so they have no choice but to bump up the prices as all the ingredients/etc prices have to absorb that extra cost. Bah!

Kueh Dar Dar and Yam Cake

Chendol drink

Char Kway Teow and Popiah


Anyway, spent the rest of the day mooching around Macquarie Shopping Centre.. looking to buy some weights to make my arms leaner (they’re really fatty and flabby, it’s quite nasty). And Chris always wants to use ’em to bulk up. Found a set for AU$50 but I’m going to see if we can score a cheaper set on eBay. We also got a large(!) coffee from Gloria Jeans each, to sip on whilst we were at Borders. First time we got a large coffee each, and the entire point was to get them with SKIM milk, so I’d feel less guilty.. but of course, I stupidly forgot to ask for skim.. so ended up with a massive large coffee with full fat milk! Urk. As you can imagine.. the “diet” is not going so well. In fact, it’s not going AT ALL 🙁