San Jose, Uncategorized SAN JOSE – FRIDAY (12 AUGUST) 12 August 2005

Last work-day in San Jose 🙁 We only had a half day session so it left us with spare time in the afternoon to shop. It was sad saying goodbye to everyone. I’d had such a good week! We got everything sorted out and planned and it was so incredibly productive. Not to mention a lot of fun 🙂 Though I have to admit I’m looking forward to being back at home in Australia and leading a more normal life – the 7am-midnight days are totally exhausting and the Work Hard, Play Hard motto that we seem to have been living the past week really zaps all the energy out of you. I’m looking forward to having some time to myself, curled up on the couch, talking to Chris and cuddling Misty 🙂

Some cute eBay stuff I was given

We went to the eBay Store!! I nearly went bananas there, but finally settled on just these things:

Just could not resist this cute tee! It was one size too big,
but I got it anyway 😛

Cutest. Jumper. Ever. Plus it was so soft! Mine’s actually
a hoodie though, the zip doesn’t go all the way down

eBay cuddle blanket – complete with pouch for your feet,
and a pocket on the front for your remote control! Irresistable.

After that we headed off for lunch at Omogari Korean Restaurant, upon recommendation. I don’t normally eat Korean food, so I was really keen on it. It was delicious! I have to find out where the good Korean restaurants are in Australia now, so I can get more 🙂

It was a brilliant, sunny day!


The fabulous food

After we said our farewells to everyone back in the office, we headed off to Standford Mall, upon recommendation because it’s a pretty outdoor mall. I’m glad we went, because it was beautiful.. not to mention the day was so warm and sunny. Perfect outdoor-shopping weather 🙂 The stores were heavenly but I was feeling frugal so I didn’t buy much. Funny story was when I announced at the table after one of our meetings that I was “keen to check out Stanford”. Someone replied “Oh really? Haha. Do you want to go back to further your studies?” I kinda stared at them for a moment.. then realised what they meant and said “No, not Stanford UNIVERSITY. Stanford MALL.” *lol*!!!!!

Part of Stanford Mall

Cute skinny scarves from Gap. 2 for $14!

Pretty Givenchy earrings and sparkle bracelet from Macy’s

Dinner was back at Santana Row, at Pizza Antica. I intially wasn’t too keen about it, as I figured pizza was pizza. But WOW!! Had the Spicy Fennel Sausage, Portobello Mushroom and Roasted Onion Pizza and it was just divine. They don’t use tomato sauce on the pizza so you really get the true flavour of the ingredients. Divine. Also had the Heirloom Potato, Caramelized Onion and White Truffle Oil Pizza which was so unique, and the truffle oil really topped it all off. The Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta with Huckleberry Sauce and Pinenut Biscotti was my dessert.. the pannacotta was so smooth and creamy. Totally divine. A lovely dinner for our last night in San Jose 🙂