Chanel Trendy cc lambskin bag

Dragged my kids around shopping with me (my boys gotta learn from young how to be patient while their lady shops, right? And Chloe loves shopping with me anyway – already).

This bright fuschia pink bag just SCREAMED my name!

It’s the Chanel Trendy CC Flap bag, and is hella cheaper than an Hermes Kelly, which was how I justified it. Also, sleep deprived mama here tends to like shopping when running on little sleep *ahem*


Chanel Trendy cc lambskin bag

Chloe got evicted from her pram, in favour of my new baby. This one is a LOT quieter than better behaved 😉


Chanel Trendy cc lambskin bag

Pink overload!

It’s lambskin leather, which most people veer away from, but I adore because I love the plushness and softness of it. And it smells sooooooo good!


Chanel Trendy cc lambskin bag

A very practical interior as it has 3 compartments. It’s a pretty tidy looking bag, so you can’t stuff all your junk in there. But since I’m a tiny bag kinda girl, this suits me just fine.

Chanel Trendy cc lambskin bag

Paired with a super casual outfit. I really like how the bright pink makes a statement against a fairly neutral/plain outfit. And it makes you look just that little bit more dressed up!

Chanel Trendy cc lambskin bag

My favourite colour combination of all time – turquoise and hot pink.

The bag would look super classy worn with some killer heels, but… well…. #momlife.

Chanel Trendy cc lambskin bag

Dressed up with my Hermes silk twilly, to prevent the bag handle from getting stained and dirty. I could stare at the pretty colour of the bag for hours…

Chanel Trendy cc lambskin bag

Casual weekend look. Love how practical the bag is, and the colour is just pure love for me. Shame it doesn’t come with a pair of matching sandals!

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  • Ruth Pereira posted on October 31, 2019 at 10:27 pm

    Hi Beverly

    I want to ask you about ypur bag, I have the same but the authentication sticker is in the middle compartment not on the 1st one which I see in other’s bags. Please can you let me know if the same with you? I feel that uneasy about this and not enjoying my bag at all even if I have the authentication card. Please help me.

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