Carter, Hunter, HUNTER, CARTER & CHLOE, School TEACHER’S DAY GIFTS 4 September 2016

Teachers Day gift idea


It was Teacher’s Day last week and I would have liked to smugly announce that my kids proactively came up with their own gift idea and put it together with zero input from me… but NOPE. It was totally my idea and they just went along with it! Not quite at the stage of independent thinking yet methinks 😉

So I didn’t go with the homemade gift idea, because I rationalised that if their creations weren’t completely awesome, they’d be chucked out (tell me teachers! Do you chuck out some of your handmade gifts or do you really keep and display every single one of them??).

Which meant I decided to go with the practical gift idea, and in particular, edible.

I got this gourmet pack of artisanal nuts (though I could’ve bought a bunch of small nut-related snacks), popped them into a paper bag, and printed out a card that said:


I was wondering if my text should read “So sorry for driving you nuts all year” instead… hahhaha.

I included a pic of each kid (in case teachers really do keep their cards) and the kids penned a little love message in English and Mandarin to their teachers.


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