FOOD, Food reviews, Food reviews - Singapore KOOK’S CREAMERY: molten lava cookies, anyone? 27 September 2016

Kooks Creamery

Look at those delighted faces!

The adults sported the same gleeful looks when we arrived – in a flurry of noise and activity – at Kooks Creamery. It’s an gourmet ice cream cafe that specialises in one (very awesome) thing – molten lava cookies.


Kooks Creamery

Our issue? Too many choices!

All the ice cream flavours ($3.60 for a single scoop) were so enticing it’s actually pretty tough to choose from. If you’re after some unusual – and delicious – flavours like Brown Butter or Milk Cereal, Kooks Creamery is the place to go.

Kooks Creamery
But it’s the Molten Lava Cookies that are the star. However, at $8.50 a pop, I was pretty shocked that the cookie was tiny. It’s the size of my palm, or smaller! I’d have expected the cookie to be the size and width of the little skillet pan it came in.

This one (above) was a warm cookie with molten matcha liquid that spews out once you drop the scoop of black sesame ice cream on top. I’m not huge on matcha so I only found this average.



Now THIS was a winner. This time, the cookie had molten chocolate on the inside. And it was luscious. The mix of warm fudgy chocolate, sweet crumbly cookie, cold ice cream (milk cereal flavoured) and crispy cereal was outstanding.

I’m thinking I could re-create the same thing at home with a freshly-baked homemade cookie, warmed up choc fudge sauce, and ice cream!


Life’s pretty sweet when you get dessert AND the girl


Kooks Creamery

Sneaky kisses post-ice cream sugar fest.


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