Eurotrip, HOLIDAYS, Switzerland SWITZERLAND: a weekend away in Lucerne 7 August 2015


As someone that doesn’t know how to appreciate architecture and buildings (just don’t care about it, not that I dislike it), I was pretty wow’d with the town of Lucerne – a Swiss town that we did a road trip to over the weekend.



Seems that Lucerne is actually the touristy-part of Zurich, Switzerland. It’s kind of the place for people go to go – and so you’ll find lots of dining by the water, and tourist-friendly activities. Lucerne was also the first place I saw Asian tourists 😉



Despite there being more people around than in the other areas of Zurich that we’d been in (which were pretty much devoid of tourists, full stop), it was still pretty quiet and totally picturesque. And, yes, I did actually enjoy checking out the buildings and quaintness of the town!



Icy cold Scandinavian water which was really clear and turquoise. And with swans and lots of ducks around, eagerly waiting for food.



Pretty Swedish lady that thrilled the kids with her bubble making. The famous Kappelbrucke wooden bridge is behind her.



Switzerland was in the middle of a heatwave during that time that we were there. The hotel room was sweltering because, whilst they had fans, there was no air conditioning – it’s simply not installed because Switzerland is a cool country! There’s awesome heating everywhere, but almost every place has little/no air conditioning. Egads…



So this was the fastest way to cool off – a cool bubble bath and a soak in the tub. Ahhhh…. refreshing!



The beautiful colours at sunset at Lucerne.



So if you’re ever in Lucerne and fancy a memorable place to dine, check out Schlössli Utenberg. It’s forever imprinted in my memory as one of the prettiest dining experiences I’ve had.

This pic above is the entrance. It’s a stand-alone restaurant situated at the top of the hill, with views overlooking Lucerne town, the lake, and mountains.



Our dining experience. It’s extremely quiet and peaceful, excellent for a romantic date, but also a rather nice experience if you have kids in tow. There’s a huge garden there so the kids can run around.



Enjoying themselves in all the greenery, whilst waiting for dinner to arrive.



The view from my seat 🙂 Possibly one of the nicest dinner views I’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying..



The pretty plating of some of the food. Beautiful to look at, and delectable flavours. I was happy!



The kids got their own ice cream for dessert, so they were pretty happy too..



Our first romantic couple shot in….. ermm… since our wedding?

4 kids behind the camera are not pictured 😉




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