Eurotrip, HOLIDAYS, Switzerland SWITZERLAND: best experienced with good mates! 21 July 2015


Here we are at my friend’s place in Switzerland. Isn’t the scenery in her area terrific?! Her places is between a large open field, and the forest. So gorgeous.



Kids at their table having breakfast in the morning. Yep, we had a house with 4 boys! Mad!



My kids discovered the amazing-ness of soft boiled eggs, eaten straight out of the shell. I must get an egg cooker and some holders now, as they adored these eggs! And there’s just something so adorable about little kids scooping away..



The playground outside was large and the perfect spot for the kids to burn some energy, especially in the late afternoons and at sunset.



I loved watching the kids have fun doing the most basic of things – simply running around free and wild in the garden, playing with water, and having a blast. No TV, no iPads, no homework… nothing but just enjoying being kids.



I think the joy on their faces says it ALL!



Since the garden kept the kids occupied, we got the chance to sit back with some chilled white wine, and bread with snail pate (for real!).



….until we got attacked by the kids!



The boys had a great time hanging out, chilling around the house and outside in the garden. I was kinda amazed that there was minimal fighting – pretty impressive when four kids between 2 and 6 years old are together 24/7 for so many days!



This is a small playground just next door, with a slide situated at the top of a hill. Looks scary, but the kids weren’t fazed. WHEE!



We went on some bushwalks through the forest. There’s a creek here that the kids were eagerly wanting to play in, but it was almost entirely dried up when we checked it out – thanks to the summer sun!



Stomping through the woods. Boy, my city kids had a lot of fun!



We even discovered a massive see-saw near the house. So much fun.



Have you ever tried to get a decent photo of 4 young kids in a row? So. Damn. Hard. This was the best shot we got – with all 4 kids making strange faces! :X



A very rare family shot.



A traditional Swiss breakfast at a friend’s place. It was amazing!



The best part about Switzerland? All those playgrounds. Even this – a playground tucked away in the forest… for kids to discover and enjoy.



Climbing up, up, up…..



….and sliding down, down, down!



Sweaty, satisfied, and happy. Just the way I like my kids 🙂


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