Eurotrip, France, Switzerland HELLO? 19 July 2015



Hi. It’s been awhile!

Life and all sorts of things have gotten in the way of my super lucrative (ie. not at all) blogging career.

Like……… our Eurotrip to Switzerland and France!



I swear by the fact that children are the worst to travel with between 1 and 2 years old. Too old to stay still and sleep the whole time, too young to be kept occupied for more than thirty seconds at a time.

Happily, both Hunter and Carter are past this stage, and so we had…. AWESOME FLIGHTS! Wheeeeee! Both kids kept themselves amused with inflight entertainment, then just curled up and fell asleep when they were tired. This meant nice 7-hour stretches of overnight sleep for them, as well as some naps. I’m SO glad we are at the end of the tunnel and have both kids able to fly (we did 4 flights in total during this trip) just fine.



Hunter was kept occupied with connect-the-dot games, doing his alphabets, etc. I love travelling with this guy. He’s like a little buddy and a best mate. Well, apart from the occasional eyerolls and smarmy comments that he drops from time to time!

Busy uploading a billion (at least) photos to my computer…. BRB!


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