Zoku popsicle

The boys are completely fascinated with their Zoku Quick Pop Maker. Seriously, it is THE BEST invention if you have kids, and especially if you live in a country with a warm climate. How else can you whip up healthy popsicles on-the fly??


Zoku popsicle

It’s super easy:

  1. Freeze your Quick Pop Maker for 8+ hours (I just leave mine always in the freezer)
  2. Insert pop sticks into the molds
  3. Pour chilled juice into the molds up to the fill line
  4. Watch it freeze in 7-9 minutes

That’s all! The kids find it super fun to watch, and as long as I have some juice in the fridge, I’m set. The kids love carrot juice (Hunter likes the fact that it’s orange), so that’s what I usually fill it up with. I can also half-fill it with carrot juice, and after around 4 mins, pour another type of juice on top – to make double layered popsicle.


Zoku popsicle

There’s a handy clip-on drip guard, to catch the drips. Smart idea, making it much easier for cleanup. I love how the kids get to enjoy a popsicle, and it’s made entirely out of fruit juice. Win-win!


Zoku popsicle

Soooo refreshing on a hot afternoon. My kids have theirs before jumping into the pool for a swim!


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