Amped trampoline park

We got our bounce on at AMPED Trampoline Park over the weekend!

AMPED is Singapore’s first indoor trampoline park with 5,000 square feet of interconnected trampolines, foam pit and parkour walls. If you have energetic young kids, or energetic old kids, or just I-fancy-myself-really-fit-and-energetic folk, then this is for you. Get ready for a MEGA workout.

You’ll see above that the USA-standard trampolines are totally safe and strong enough for big adults to jump on. They are a lot of fun. Even me – Miss I Prefer To Sit Down – actually enjoyed getting my bounce on!

Chris attempted the parkour wall and actually made it up, much to the utter delight of Hunter.

And see that foam pit? Great for practicising your balancing skills and fun to just jump right into. It’s a bit of a challenge getting yourself out, though… 😉


Amped trampoline park

Ah, but NOBODY enjoyed it more than………………….. Mr Crazy Pants himself, Carter!

I think he thought he’d entered his version of Heaven. His eyes widened and sparkled and he was SO eager to get in there. The moment he did – he was unstoppable! My baby wombat went bonkers throwing himself everywhere, squealing with happiness, and doing all sorts of stunts.


This video above is Carter’s gymnastics routine – entirely self-taught. I suppose he’d watched the adults do that, and simply decided he’d do it too!


Amped trampoline park

Hunter was in a bit of a bipolar state at AMPED, and (much to my amusement) went from laughing to crying to laughing again… the whole time! I guess he liked it but was also very concerned about his personal safety 😉


He did enjoy jumping with Chris, though!


Amped trampoline park

Baby jumping bean and grasshopper big kid.


A video of me, jumping in a rather unglam way. But I had fun! I’m planning to go back on a Monday, where it’s heaps cheaper. I also LOVE how AMPED River Valley is entirely air conditioned, and doesn’t smell like foul body odour or sweat. The staff there are really lovely and many of them were super nice to our kids, so thumbs up for fab customer service!



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