Christmas MERRY CHRISTMAS 2014 25 December 2014


Wishing you a blessed and wonderful Christmas, from me to you, my dear friends… with loads of good will and joy!

I apologise for my kinda (ok, very) vacant-looking expression above. It was meant to be a cute kissy face but either (A) I snapped the pic a split second too early/late, or (B) I simply can’t make a cute kissy face.

We had a delicious (and decadant!) extended family dinner last night, and the kids had a blast playing with their cousins. The kids slept at 10PM, which is epic as it’s 3 hours past their normal bedtime!! At least they were well behaved during the Christmas Eve party…



Today we had church service followed by a mega Christmas lunch. For the occasion, I was decked out in glittery gold! Taken in the bathroom – not the classiest of places – but at least there’s an awesome full-length mirror and soft lighting.



My boys, all THREE of them, were in striped shirts and pants. I’m kicking myself for not taking a pic, because I thought they looked pretty cute all dressed alike.

Oh, the kids were trying to be very good the past few days, because I showed them a video which clearly proves Santa was IN OUR HOME, making a list and checking it twice, cos he’s gonna find out who’s NAUGHTY and NICE. 




We had a mini Christmas party this afternoon. It was more of a little get together for the kids to open their presents. They were all pretty well behaved and it went well! The food was a complete international mish-mash of cheeses and baguette, fruit, fruit mince pies, satay, shepherd’s pie, chocolate, etc etc. It worked 😉


ChristmasParty2 ChristmasParty3

My cousin’s back from New Zealand and bought this artisan coffee liqueur from Quick Brown Fox. I HIGHLYYYYYYYY recommend this if you live in NZ or AU! It’s superb. In the same kinda taste family as Baileys, but better. It can be drunk as a shot, or mixed in with cream and topped with ice for a delicious drink. I think it’s one of my favourite alcoholic drinks.






Hunter is all “Can we open our presents yettttttt?” and so the kids went mad with gift-opening. They are indeed very blessed with loving and generous relatives and friends! It’s also interesting how Hunter has changed.

Last year, at 2 years old, he loved all his presents but just loved them at face value (ie. the fact that he had new toys).

This year, at 3 years old, he said “I love Christmas! I love all my presents! Everyone is so nice to me.”

I reminded him that Christmas really is all about celebrating the birth of Jesus, and that’s what we should be thinking about. He responded “Yes I do, Mummy. But I get all his birthday presents, right?” (referring to all his Christmas presents).

Well…… sorta right, but not really at all! 😉



As for MY Christmas gift? I got a wonderful and early one just two days ago. The kids decided they want to nap and sleep together now (which they have since this incidence two days ago), and they were snuggled up with each other and giggling and caressing each other’s hair and faces.

“I love you, Carter” said Hunter.


I think I nearly fainted – both with happiness but also with surprise. Hunter isn’t a huggy person, nor is he easy with his loving words. He basically does NOT say those words to anyone, except to me – sometimes. So it was very very rare, and very very special, of him to say this to Carter.

Maybe it’s just all the Christmas spirit around this time of year 🙂



I hope you have a exciting Christmas, celebrating with family and/or friends! But not as exciting as Carter’s, surely? 😉


  • Amanda Ang-Phan on Facebook posted on December 25, 2014 at 10:08 pm

    Carter surely had the best time, all that FOOD and PRESENTS!!!

  • Priscilla Tews on Facebook posted on December 26, 2014 at 4:59 pm

    Lovely update!!! I still think the Santa video is the funniest thing ever to convince kids to behave all year till next Christmas! I haven’t introduced the concept of Santa to my kids yet – it’s somehow not that big a thing in Germany.

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