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This is our first Christmas where Hunter (3.5 yrs) has reached an age where he has not only a clear understanding of what he wants, but he also understands the concept of shopping and making wish lists.

And, most of all, he understands what Christmas is all about.

Or rather………. he sort of does!

He can identify Christmas decorations, and pointed out “Oh! Christmas is coming” when we drove past some tinsel decorating one of the malls (without the words ‘Christmas’ on it or anything overt like that on it). So he gets that it’s some sort of celebration, it involves snow and red/green/white and singing and that sort of stuff.

But, as a Christian kid, he also understands that it’s about the birth of Jesus.

Of course, the two concepts of Christmas don’t always directly correlate with each other. As evidenced when Mum gave him a Toys R Us toy catalog.

He excitedly flipped through it, helpfully declaring that he would “circle all the toys I want for Christmas”. Fair enough, except he circled virtually everything in there!! (except the girly doll toys).

Once he was done, he sat back and noted, with satisfaction, “this is what Jesus will buy for me”.


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