Hunter, HUNTER, CARTER & CHLOE, Hunter's progress HUNTER’S FAVOURITE LETTERS 17 August 2014



Hunter has started to write all the letters of the alphabet!

At 3.5 years old, I think he’s actually a bit late to the game. Many kids, especially girls, can write all their letters on-demand by about 3 years old. It was partly due to his complete lack of interest in wielding a pen (or crayon, or marker, etc), and partly due to me not encouraging him much – I mean, I did try to get him to draw and colour in stuff, but no matter how incredibly exciting I professed it to be, he never wanted to follow (or if he did, for a total of 2 mins). He’s just much more of a tactile learner and preferred holding objects and toys than drawing/colouring, I suppose.

So I pretty much left him like that. I figured – no point stressing over it and pushing him until it became a chore and he fed off my anxiety. After all, not like an 18 year old has problems holding a pen and writing letters!

He will get there, eventually, was our motto.

And….. he DID! He suddenly did!

One day, he picked up a marker pen, and just started writing letters unassisted. And he can pretty much write any letter you ask. It was like all this ability was inside him but he never let it out.. until one day he decided to all in one go, in his own time. It’s a good lesson for us as parents to let our children indulge in their interests and not to worry over the small things. Children ALL develop in their own time.

Anyway, Hunter’s favourite letters (that he can write over, and over again with so much pride), are:




In that order 🙂

Can you guess why?

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