Birthdays, Family CARTER’S BIRTHDAY CUPCAKES AT SCHOOL 6 August 2014


We did a mini birthday shinding at Carter’s school, where he’s in Playgroup. His class is ridiculously adorable, IMHO! All these pint sized cuties puttering around and being all adorable and stuff. And they are all super well-behaved! Their teacher always says she’s really lucky she got a class full of obedient and obliging toddlers, that don’t snatch or push or fight with each other. What are the chances of that?!


See what I mean? I had a dozen cupcakes sitting there, as well as boxes of goodies, and all (seriously, ALL) the kids obediently sat with bums on their chairs, patiently waiting. Their eyes never left the cupcakes, of course, but they were super well behaved and all sat quietly munching on their cupcake afterwards!

Whilst all the kids munched away on their cupcakes, my odd kids didn’t eat them! Carter took one bite and couldn’t be bothered. And Hunter didn’t even bother taking a bite – declaring that it was “too sweet” for him. What the..

And I didn’t make dodgy cupcakes or anything! They were actually quite good, I reckon!

Oh well. At least they had fun with the birthday song and blowing out the candles 🙂

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