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That’s the kids’ school photos that came back a couple of weeks ago! I’m both amazed and delighted that they managed to get the kids smiling and looking quite good, I think! They were very proud to show me these photos, and they’re extra special because it’s Carter’s first school photo ever, since he’s only just started Playgroup.

They also brought home a big bag each, which was stuffed to the brim with their school artwork over the past few weeks. What I ADORE is how the teachers note down what each kid says during craft time in school – it’s such a nice touch and I look forward to seeing their artworks to get a glimpse of what they say and their ‘personality’ during school hours when I’m not around.

These are some of Carter’s artworks!

CarterArtwork01 CarterArtwork02 CarterArtwork03


And these are some of Hunter’s artworks below 🙂

HunterArtwork01 HunterArtwork02 HunterArtwork03

They actually do stuff now! They’re growing up sooooo quickly!!

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