FASHION, Jewellery, Shopping CHOO YILIN JEWELLERY 3 June 2014

I’m a big fan of Choo Yilin, a local jewellery designer that makes the most gorgeous pieces. Her creations are ornated, often featuring blends of yellow, white and rose gold, and big gemstones. I particularly like how her collections are all made with a nod to the Orient. I’ve bought a ring before, but nothing else because it’s all pretty pricey!

This ring is a huge amethyst, encased in a ‘twig’ ring that’s made with rose gold, yellow good and white gold. It was on sale at a whopping 70% off at the Blueprint fair recently, so I snapped it up. It’s adjustable, so it can fit my fingers!


Here’s the ring, with a set of her earrings. These are rose quartz, encased in rose gold and yellow good. I love the ornate design, and the gem sparkles beautifully! The earrings were also at a mega discount 🙂


I’m not a chunky jewellery person. But, I make the exception for Choo Yilin pieces 😉

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