I’m such a sucker for Cath Kidston anything. Sure, it’s probably more suited for someone a decade younger than me (ahem!) but I can’t handle the cuteness! Of all their stuff!

They seem to be popping up all over the city – with new stores in MBS and Plaza Singapura in the past month or two. It was at MBS where they held their Mother’s Day cupcake decorating session.

Talk about prettiness overload!


Ms Balloon-making-lady was at the event early-morning (I think 7AM?) making this impressive balloon arrangement. It was adorable!


All the kids had a grand ‘ol time.. totally absorbed decorating cupcakes! It was all really well-organised, with each kid receiving a (Cath Kidston!) plate with a few cupcakes, and another plate with lots of decorative shapes and sprinkles.

And then…… they could go wild!!


I hovered above my kids, you know, being a total helicopter parent.

WHAT AWESOME CREATIONS WOULD MY GENIUSES CREATE???  I could practically hear the words people were gonna say…. “wow that’s amazing creativity!”, “how old is your kid again?” 


Yeaaaah…. so I got this instead.


Both kids spent more time eating the sprinkles than doing anything constructive or remotely creative with them! Gah!!

Hunter finally got into the squeezing-the-icing thing, but is a bit of an oddball and wanted to squirt a little nipple-shaped blob on the top, then would proceed to the next cupcake to ice his next nipple onto. Not quite my idea of creativity.


But they fiinnnaaalllyyyy got into it! And their cupcakes actually looked pretty cute!! No discernible order or pattern to the sprinkles, but I guess an explosion of sprinkles kinda counts as cupcake decorating, right?

They were pretty chuffed with their handiwork!


….and even more chuffed to eat it.


My OCD-ness then overtook me and I grabbed an untouched cupcake and decorated it myself ;)


This is me and Miss Shiberty, who was baker extraordinaire of the day.


The event was held at Fidgets, which was a real treat for the kids, because they played in the playground for 1.5+ hours (!!).


I popped by the Cath Kidston store at MBS to pick something up for Mum for Mother’s Day. So many pretty things!


Both kids knocked out a nano second after getting into the car. They were exhausted after all that playing! And that, to me, is the mark of an awesome kids event ;)


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