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We hit the River Safari! 

It was our first time there, but Hunter had to stay home because he was recovering from his ear infection and was on bed rest for the day. Poor dear, because he would’ve loved it and loved playing with my friends’ kids!

But at least Carter came along for the ride, and he had heaps of fun 🙂

The River Safari is right next to the Singapore Zoo, and is even more kid-friendly because kind of a one-way track round the whole place, so once you enter, you’re pretty much shuttled through one way right to the end. Really good if you have active kids that tend to run off in various directions… It’s also almost entirely under-cover, so it’s fabulous if the weather is crappy that day.

RiverSafari02 RiverSafari03 RiverSafari04 RiverSafari05 RiverSafari06


This is where the famous 2 pandas Jia Jia and Kai Kai live. The area also has other animals, but they are the star attraction. Be warned, it’s SUPER cold in there! RiverSafari07 RiverSafari08 RiverSafari09 RiverSafari12


RiverSafari10 RiverSafari13

  There’s a nice boardwalk area after the panda enclosure. It’s safe for kids because it’s completely fenced in, and overlooks the water so you get a lovely breeze through. The older girls loved jumping off the benches! Apparently it is LOADS of fun… 😉 RiverSafari15


We saw this adorable amphibian creature. I forgot its name, but it was adorable!! Like a fat baby lizard paddling through water.. awwww… RiverSafari16 RiverSafari17


So this was the funniest and best part of the whole day. See these yellow flowers the girls are holding? They’re in the boardwalk area and the girls just plucked them through the fences. RiverSafari18


…..then, we went into the Spider Monkey enclosure next, with the girls still holding these yellow flowers. They are a total HIT with the monkeys!! Errr disclaimer here: I’m pretty sure you’re not meant to feed the monkeys with your own food. But it was by accident that we realised the monkeys loved these flowers – because they were soooooooooooooo interested in the girls! It freaked them (the girls) out, so they dropped the flowers they were holding and the monkeys SCURRIED over as fast as their lil legs could get them, picked up the flowers, and happily played with/munched on them!

The cheeky little monkeys (literally) also kept digging around in the bottom of Carter’s stroller, hoping for a treat or two. And they took a fancy to his Rah Rah (giraffe stuffed toy) and kept wanting to grab it off him! All of us had a squealing good time. Adults included 😉

RiverSafari19 RiverSafari20

There is a MASSIVE water tank there, which is really soothing to look at. We spotted this manatee, oddly ‘resting’ on the pole. Doesn’t look very comfy……


And (giant) sea otters! Carter was pretty fascinated.


We had a fab time at the River Safari, and it helped that it was a pretty cool day and didn’t rain. The kids had fun! And I guess some adults did too… 😉



  • olimomok posted on January 16, 2014 at 3:30 pm

    I missed the Spider Monkeys when we were last there, I think! Karissa and Carter could pass off as siblings – same body shape, hahaha!

    • Beverly! posted on January 16, 2014 at 5:37 pm

      Hahah yes they actually look kinda similar – same chubby cheeks and like you said, body shape lol! And same round eyes and same height too

    • Erica posted on January 16, 2014 at 8:12 pm

      We had so much fun at the spider monkey enclosure! It was hilarious how the 2 older girls were so scared of the monkeys getting close to them. The moment they found out the monkeys were after the flowers in their hands they just screamed and threw the flowers onto the ground before running off. The 2 younger kids though couldn’t get enough of them. Karissa kept wanting to pat them! I think she actually did manage to touch one. Thankfully she didn’t get bitten.

      • Beverly! posted on January 17, 2014 at 10:10 pm

        SHe DID…. super brave!!

  • Paranoid Parrot posted on January 30, 2014 at 12:30 am

    It’s great that you guys had fun, but I really don’t think the flowers are meant to be plucked (by humans)..

    • Beverly! posted on January 31, 2014 at 8:55 pm

      There aren’t signs telling you not to, but I doubt it too! Guess they were perfect kid-friendly height for the kids to pick..


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