I’m so fussy when it comes to wearing heels.

I used to wear heels all the time. HIGH heels. Guess it was (is?) my inability to come to terms with my shortness. They honestly do make you look a lot dressier/nicer too!!

Then I became a Mum. It just isn’t easy chasing kids wearing high heels, and so my whole shoe wardrobe changed to flats.

But then the Repetto boutique opened their flagship store at ION, held an exclusive launch event, and offered a discount, and BAM!!

New Repetto shoes for me 😛

No photos of the launch event cos I couldn’t make it so a girl friend went on my behalf (and ended buying a pair of Repettos loafers for herself too, teehee).

But my new shoes are above!

They are the Repetto ‘Camille’ zircon black mid heeled ballerina, a pair that I’ve been eyeing for awhile online (it was in my Bookmarks for months!) but didn’t buy because I wanted to try them on first. I was so pleased with how comfortable they are in real life! The heel is low enough to be comfortable (I walked in them for half a day with no issues) but is still high enough to be a bit ‘prettier’ and more formal looking than flats. I was sold by the black glitter too 🙂 I like how they’re made in France, and are made of leather and sheepskin inside and out.

So here’s the odd thing…… the first day I wore them, they ‘bit’ my heels! YOU KNOW THAT AWFUL FEELING, that sinking feeling as you’re wearing your lovely new pair of shoes.. and the back of your heel starts to burn a little… and you feel that bite… and you just think Oh no it’s blister city for me? Yeah, I got that feeling. And I was confused, because I’m normally a sz36 (or  smaller), and I’d bought a sz37!

But then, the next time I wore them, they fit perfectly and didn’t bite and were comfortable to walk in!

I guess their leather really does stretch and mold to fit your own feet 🙂

(Repetto can be found at #03 – 15B ION Orchard)

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  • Jennie posted on December 26, 2013 at 7:16 am

    Repetto shoes tend to be a bit smaller in sizing. But they are gorgeous and very very comfy. Love your pair!

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