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So I’m not sure if the good folk at Fancl were trying to hint hint at me when they gave me their Mutenka Aging Care range of products.


I have a long-term love for skincare. It started when I was around 18, and was full-force throughout my twenties.. when I was on some insane mission to try every skincare out there in the market. Now that I’m a *ahem* middle-aged lady, I’ve calmed down a bit and just stick to my staples.

So I was excited to try out Fancl!

I’m not new to the brand. I’ve actually bought and used pretty much their whole range before (the pastel blue one for normal skin). But it was hard to locate and buy in Australia, so I stopped using it.

They now have this new Mutenka Aging Care line, which boasts to be a preservative-free anti-aging solution. Personally, I love love LOVE the small bottles! Huge bottles of skincare annoy me because they tip over and clatter all over the sink, and I wonder if it’s good to keep a formula in there for such a long time.

These Fancl bottles come in neat, slim cylinders with a flip-cap to dispense drops of product.



The Aging Care Lotion “delivers essential nutrients deep into skin to enhance collagen production, preventing wrinkles and sagginess”. It’s called a lotion, but that’s a bit of a misnomer, because it’s actually more of a toner, to be used immediately after cleansing. I was advised to pop two to three drops on my palms, then pat onto my face. That’s just too fiddly for me, so I just pop it on a thin cotton pad and swipe it all over my face, just like a toner. Works for me!

The Aging Care Emulsion is an “anti-aging moisturizer that creates a moisturizing veil to seal in nutrients that enhance moisture retention and collagen production, preventing wrinkles and sagginess.” I expected it to be really rich and just sit on top of my skin, since I don’t have dry skin. But it absorbs easily and quickly, and I can use this morning or night.

Both bottles come in two formulations:

  • 01 Light – for oily skin.
  • 02 Moist – for normal, dry, dry-combination, and combination skin.

They are supposed to last 30 days, but I’ve been using both daily for 2.5 months now and there’s still some left!



That, above, is Fancl’s famous TenseUp EX, an” intensive care for all ages who wish to restore youthful glow and firmness from within.”

It comes in a sealed 50ml bottle which you crack open….. and drink!


Like a mix of tasty orange juice and soda.

I ought to put this on ice “on the rocks”, bet it’ll be even nicer 😉 It’s meant to replace lost collagen, and so should be taken daily. Obviously you probably need to drink it daily for months to see a difference (considering skin takes 28 days to replace itself anyway), so I didn’t see anything different to my skin. So to me, it was just a really nice drink 😉


You can visit a Fancl store for a free skin consultation. List available here.


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