Carter, Carter's progress, HUNTER, CARTER & CHLOE CARTER: MONTH 15-16 PROGRESS 5 December 2013

 Happy 16 month birthday, Carter!!!

Our happy little vegemite is happy as can be.. for breakast, lunch and for tea!

Well, except when he’s being pissed off and trying to kill us all with us manic wailing.

He’s a squishy, huggable and cuddly baby wombat and just kills us with his cuteness. Not being biased or anything. I’m just a sucker for that half-cheeky half-sweet smile! He’s fun to be around, and pretty easy going. But whilst he’s a blast to play with, he really does dish out hell-on-a-plate for me when I’m out alone with him for lunch.

His idea of dining out? Go INSANE when the food arrives, making the diners around me swivel their heads and stare at me with eyes that say “Are you starving your child at home?”, and gobble up food at top speed for 10 mins. That’s my grace period. After that, it’s all over and he demands “DOWN!” from the high chair.. so he can proceed to tear around the place like a headless chook. For this reason, it’s getting tougher and tougher for me to bring him out alone.

But, he’s so merry almost all the time that he makes me forget all the grief that he dishes out! Like this face!

And this face that just makes me want to SQUISH him and eat his cheeks straight off. Nomnomnom.

  • EATING – Carter has FOUR teeth. He still doesn’t deal with teething well and will suffer for a couple of days before he’s back to his cheery self.
    Eats a lot, and eats super quick. Immediately screams whenever he seems he eating something that he’s not privy to. Loves blueberries and cubes of cheddar cheese for snacks, and basically anything and everything for regular meals. A healthy eater though, so I’m hoping he doesn’t grow up to be a fat kid (since he’s a little on the tubby side right now…)




  • SLEEPING – Puts himself to sleep for 12-hours solid overnight, and has been a champion sleeper since birth. I attribute it to the fact that he’s soooo active during the day, so he simply knocks out at night!
    We are currently making him transition from 2x 30 mins nap a day (terrible!) to 1x 2-hour nap at noon. It’s not easy. But so far he’s been getting really solid and long naps instead, so it’s working!

At bedtime, going into his naughty corner


  • PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT – Not updating this from now on, since he’s just crazy active and does everything a kid does.


  • SPEECH DEVELOPMENT – Big explosion this month with too many words that I can’t keep track of anymore…. stuff like: pebble, more, playdoh, round and round, hi, ball, teddy, wow, hat, flower….
    (previously spoken words: dada, mama, there, star, row row, car, updownshhhhh, fish, meow, apple).


And the two boys are such good mates and such mortal enemies. All at the same time. I really should get a photo or video of them duking it out! But I’ve only got the nice-photos here…



Happy 16 months, my baby wombat!! You really know how to keep us all on our toes, and we love you all the more for it. May you always see the laughter in everything, and never lose your infectious giggle. LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK!

Compare with Hunter at Month 15-16 here.




Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Hi, what straw water bottle is Carter and Hunter using at the moment? Any good brand to recommend? Many thanks in advance x