FASHION, Jewellery, Shopping BLUE TOPAZ BRACELET & MYA BAY GOLD BANGLE 17 December 2013

A small piece I picked up at a recent market… a Blue topaz gold bracelet by My Gem Workshop (owned by a French lady that runs gem workshops from her home). It was simple and sweet, and the lady altered it shorter for me for free then delivered it to me. So I was a happy girl!



And whilst in one of my favourite stores, Rosalie Pompon at Cluny Court, I spotted a new French brand that they’ve started stocking – Mya Bay.

I was fascinated with their ultra thin, delicate jewellery. They have a gorgeous range of delicate bangles that have a really unique clasp, making themĀ adjustable bangles. How rare is that?!?! As someone with really small wrists, normal bangles never fit me. So I really liked Mya Bay bangles as they could be adjusted smaller, yet still look sleek. Very innovative of them.

In particular, I really liked the skinny bangles with sayings on them:


I stood there for ages, trying to decide which one of the three sayings I wanted, and if I wanted it in yellow/white/rose gold.

In the end, I went for the Mya Bay happiness yellow gold bangle:


You can see it on my wrist in the photos below. It’s on the smallest of the 3 holes, and is slightly big for me but still wearable. It will fit 90% of the population and it looks REALLY nice!! Delicate yet sturdy, and beautifully made.


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