Carter, Carter's progress, HUNTER, CARTER & CHLOE CARTER: MONTH 14-15 PROGRESS 5 November 2013


Happy 15 month birthday, Carter!!!


I just love this age! That beautiful balance when they’re still a baby and still desperately in love with you (super awww), but right on the cusp of become a little boy with all their wills and desires and personalities coming through. It’s such a precious time, because you’re acutely aware of the fact that it won’t last forever.. and so you treasure every moment that you get to spend with your child.

Carter is all willful, charming, quick-to-anger, and absolutely bonkers. He is just so fun to be around, though he does make my life incredibly difficult whenever I’m out trying to have a meal.

He went for his 2nd haircut last week and, thankfully, sat through it without fussing. He looked rather blase, in fact! He doesn’t have much hair so the cut was quick, it was mainly for the straggly bits around his face and at the neck.

During and After
  • EATING – Carter has THREE teeth. To elaborate, he has two bottom teeth (about half-way out), and a tiny spot of an upper tooth peeking out. He is extremely, extremely late. And he struggles with teething (opposite of Hunter, who never did) – he’s been drooling nonstop since he was about 5 months old and recently, he started scratching at his gums til he bleeds 🙁 He was very very irritable during the day and would suddenly start wailing miserably for no reason.
    And so he had his 1st dental appointment where the dentist confirmed FOUR teeth were all coming at the same time, but extremely slowly.. so his agony is prolonged. I feel sorry for him. He loves eating but struggles sometimes at mealtimes now cos he’s upset/uncomfortable.
    Takes 2 fresh milk feeds in the morning and afternoon. Nighttime formula is now rejected because I swapped his teat bottle for a sippy cup (so he’s super pissed off with me).
Baby foodie


At his first dental appointment


  • SLEEPING – Both kids still sleep in the same room, by 7:30PM.. and straight through til around 7:30AM. No issues there. Naps are 30 mins, one in the morning, one in the afternoon. Carter naps less than Hunter does!! He’s always on-the-go and will take a powernap when there’s nothing else interesting around.
    Still uses his pacifier for sleeping and rather attached to it.
What is it with babies in the morning? They smell so good and are so squishy!!!!


  • PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT – Runs. Yikes! He’s adoring his Buono desk and chair set (psssst, one set on giveaway right now!), and will make a beeline for it whenever he comes home. He’ll just sit there and play with his crayons, and scribble a bit.
    He attended Sunday School with Hunter for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and loved it!






Little racers


  • SPEECH DEVELOPMENT – A bunch of new words! updownshhhhh, fish, meow, apple. But I love how mama is his favourite word.. which he somehow manages to say in (IMHO) the cutest and most irresistable way possible. My heart explodes, every time!!
    His other favourite word? Rah rah, otherwise known has his Giraffe.
    (previously spoken words: dada, mama, there, star, row row, car).



Oh how the tables have turned when it comes to Sibling Rivalry. Cunning Carter has a real knack for instigating trouble. Specifically, to get Hunter into trouble. He’ll egg Hunter on, and Hunter being so naive, is egged on and ends up shouting and lands himself in trouble with the adults.

Carter fights back as well. He’s a toughie and will hold his own. Hunter’s learned to pick his battles carefully 😉

But, they are good mates and have a load of fun together!



Hunter: “I think I got the wrong end of the bargain here…”


Two brothers and their respective cuddle toys


Happy 15 months, my baby wombat!! You are so precious to us. Your ridiculously chipper smile makes us all grin back in delight, and your crazy antics and 10-decibel screams make me want to chuck you out the window. Just kidding.

You’re feisty and full of life, and you really give your brother a run for his money. We are all just trying to keep up!!


Compare with Hunter at Month 14-15 here.




Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Hi Beverly,

Love you blog, am an avid follower!
My girl is 2 months behind Carter, so your pregnancy entries were always so helpful. Anyway, I’ll like to know what brand of fresh milk is Carter drinking? And does he drink them cold, at room temp or warm?
My girl is weaning off and is now on half formula, half mummy’s milk. I tried her on fresh milk, she seems to be ok sometimes but hates it when it’s cold or warm. haha. Love to know how you do it for Carter. :p

Thanks Joey!

Carter drinks Magnolia fresh milk.. it has a rich and lovely flavour, which I like. I put it in one of this so I can take it out with me:

And yep, he takes it cold. Though if I’m at home I’ll heat it up a bit, but he doesn’t mind whatever temperature it is.

I think your lil one just isn’t used to the flavour and the change of temp yet. Perhaps make sure the fresh milk is warm first.. then gradually heat it up less and less? Good move to do half/half, so she gets used to the flavour!

It was partly due to the fact that both were big babies (with big bellies) so they could physically last through the night after their last feed of the day.
And also partly due to us just… errrr.. leaving them to sleep, even if they cried for us. We did Cry It Out but with intermissions (ie. go in after 2 mins, then 5 mins, then 10 mins etc).