Carter, Family, Hunter, HUNTER, CARTER & CHLOE, Living in... Singapore UP, UP, UP THE SINGAPORE FLYER 7 October 2013

The kids have never been up one of Singapore’s icons – the Singapore Flyer. We decided to bring them on a little excursion there, since they always notice the massive Flyer when we drive past. “Ferris Wheel!”, as Hunter calls it.

By “we”, I mean my parents. They get seniors citizen discount and I don’t. So, being stingy, I sent the kids off with them and waited behind. At least I got 30 mins of quiet time! 🙂

Looking up at the Singapore Flyer


At the entrance. Hunter’s shorts are rolled up because he had a fall earlier and was nursing his knee.


14KG in one arm, 11+KG in the other. RESPECT.


The kids were super excited as they boarded the Flyer! With a 360 degree view, thanks to the glass-walled capsule, it offers a phenomenal view of Singapore. I reckon they should’ve made the bottom glass as well, just to freak people out 😉

A capsule all to themselves – woohoo!


Hunter was a bit nervous because he wasn’t on solid ground, and spent most of the time perched on the bench. Carter, however, appears to have no fear of heights and was busy barreling himself around the capsule.

Up, up and away!


Smiling through the fear of heights, haha




Reaching the very top


So fascinated with the view


Let’s do the ZOMBIE WALK


Waiting for the kids.. I could actually see Carter running around inside the capsule.


The kids had a fun time and it made a nice little morning activity. And now, when we go past the Flyer, Hunter fully understands what it is!

What the sign says


(kids in Sailboat shirts from Elly’s new collection)


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