We’d never noticed, but Bukit Batok Fire Station is just a few minutes from where we live and it is a MAHOOOOSIVE fire station!

They, along with almost all other fire stations dotted around Singapore, have a Fire Station Open Day every Saturday.

PRICE? Free.

MEMORIES? Priceless.

Hunter, whose eyes nearly fell out of its sockets when he spotted all those fire engines


Carter: “AIEEEE!!! Blah bleh bleh gobblydegook” *excited pointing*


Yeah, we’ve been in Singapore for over two years now, and never knew that there was this open day on every Saturday. Thankfully, my gf Candice sussed it out and based on her recommendation, we took the kids there a couple of weeks ago.


The kids loved seeing the firemen, all dressed up. And the guys there were excellent with kids, so patient, and so friendly. We weren’t the only ones taking photos, they were whipping out their phones to take pictures of the kids too. It was a total photo party between all of us – haha!

“When I grow up….. I wanna be just like you”


“But first, I JUST WANT MY MUMMY!!”


They gave us a talk about the fire engine, and showed us how all the fire fighting equipment was jam packed into the sides. The kids gawked.

Never knew guys could be THIS organised


We got a chance to hop in the fire engine and take the wheel, as well as sound the siren! Hunter was pretty blown away and daunted by climbing into the huge fire engine, but he got over his fear and did it. He loves fire engines that much 😉



They also had these smaller vehicles, that had a name, but I’ve forgotten. These were also fully equipped with hoses and a cool bright red. We also got a chance to climb into and explore these!

Baby fire engine


The firemen did a fire pole demonstration, much to the kids’ awe. I was pretty impressed as well – it seemed kinda scary, and they scooted down FAST!



We also got a chance to try on the full firemen safety suit, which one of the guys gamely tried on. He must’ve been sweltering in there…

Ready to fight a blaze. Obviously, Hunter was rather unimpressed and more interested with playing with something on the ground instead.


Then, the most exciting part, we got in an ambulance! They were super nice and let both kids clamber all over it. Hunter was a bit nervous, but Carter was RIGHT IN THERE, jabbing his fingers everywhere and sussing it all out.

LOL at Hunter – the moment we got in, he insisted on buckling up his seat belt, saying “Better to be safe”.


Carter was a very willing participant and let the ambulance folk hook him up to a heartbeat machine! They stuck these pads all over him, with wires sticking out, and both kids got to see his heartbeat on the screen (125 bpm).

Rigging up the baby


All hooked up and pressing buttons to see his heartbeat


And then it was water play time! The kids got a chance to hold on to the fire hose. The jet is phenomenal, and obviously they turned it down to a drizzle for the kids to play with. Carter leaped right in and got himself thoroughly soaked!

Playing with the fire hose


They also had these bright red fire bikes, which I thought were super cool. Even though Carter’s expression says likewise.

Biker dude?


After about 1.5 hours there (the time flew by!), we all got together for a group photo. We had SO much fun that morning.. and the kids really learned a lot. In fact, we did this weeks ago, but Hunter still remembers the experience and asks to go again. Guess it really appeals to kids.

Cannot believe it’s free, and such an excellent activity to do with kids on a Saturday morning! We’re already planning our next visit.

Thank you Bukit Batok Fire Station, for such a fab family experience!


Let's Chat!

Melissa says:

Looks fab! I need to plan a visit to the fire station with my two boys soon!

Beverly! says:

Maaan your two boys will LOVE it. I’m planning another visit very very soon!

Candice says:

haha, i like how you name the Red Rhino the baby fire engine!

we went to the one at Ang Mo Kio but no fireman’s hat too! but they gave thad a bag of fire safety related stuff.

Beverly! says:

Aww that’s nice of em!
We got nothing at the Bukit Batok branch but honestly, the guys there were sooo nice and we saw so much stuff that we were perfectly happy 🙂

Iris says:

Carter is super cute, so sporting to try out all the stuff! And chubby like a teddy bear too! 😉

Beverly! says:

Haha you’re right Iris, he IS like a chubby teddy bear! Very squashy 😉

Shirley says:

haha I love the bit about Hunter putting on his seatbelt in a stationery ambulance lol

Beverly! says:

He’s such a nut sometimes 😉

Ah yes. Diff fire stations give out diff things.

I went to bishan and queenstown one. Ok. Lets make a date.

The smaller vehicle is red rhino. Did the kids get a fireman hat?

Beverly! says:

Nooooooooooo!!! Are kids meant to get one? We were at the Bukit Batok branch

Its AWESOME. I was there 2 months ago. kids LOVED it

Beverly! says:

Were you at the Bukit Batok one? Next time you go let me know, and we can join you. Our kids can go canoodle and giggle together again 😉