Events, FASHION, Holster, Shopping NEW HOLSTER SANDALS STOCK @ NOTTOOBIG 6 September 2013

Holster keep rolling out new styles and colours, and the nottoobig store keep bringing more and more in. They’re really reasonably priced so I reckon it’s hard to stop at just one. I almost couldn’t when they were super nice and asked me to pick two!

And now they have THESE COLOURS.

Check em out!

Holster getaway flats in ‘capri’, Holster seychelles wedge in ‘white’


Do I even need to explain or give any form of reasoning as to why I chose this turquoise pair? 😉

Holster getaway flats in ‘capri’


My heart fluttered when I spotted the Holster getaway flats in ‘capri’ in the store. I’m sure it did. It is the most stunning shade of turquoise – really vibrant and saturated, and looks so cheery on my feet.

There was no way in the world I’d have picked any other colour. They’re simple slip-ons, which will look so fashionable by the beach, but personally I wear them all over the city. I reckon the cute crystals ‘dress’ them up and they match virtually all my outfits in my wardrobe 😉

Closeup of the jewels


This particular pair is ultra comfy – I’ve had zero issues with chafing or blisters or anything remotely *ouch*. I normally steer clear of this style of shoes, because the skin between my big toe and second toe gets sensitive really easily. But these are perfectly fine, even when I’m walking around outside in Singapore’s heat and humidity.




I was also really drawn to these Holster seychelles wedge in ‘white’. I LOVED the crispness of the white. After all, can you own white shoes and keep them clean? In my case – never. I don’t own white shoes because they’d get dirty in an instant. And that’s why I like these – I simply chuck them in the shower and they wash clean!

They look really good with any outfit, since they’re a neutral white. I think they’d look amazing on someone with slim tan legs.

Plus…. THE WEDGE HEEL!!!!!!! As someone afflicted with the I-am-short gene, I always love heels. Except I no longer wear them because it’s not practical when you’re chasing around two kids.. so nowadays all I wear is flats. But, these provide a nice little chunky wedge heel that gives me maybe an extra 2″ in height, but is still comfy.

My problem with these was the band that goes across my foot. I have extremely, unusually thin/flat feet. So bands like these always leave a lot of room. In this case, the back-side of the jewels hit a particular part of my bone (I also have bony feet) when I walked, and it gave me that really weird metal-on-bone rubbing feeling, though I didn’t get blisters. So what I did was whack on one of those padded foot stickers and voila! No more issues.

Holster seychelles wedge in ‘white’


Such clean crispness in the white!


I’m finding these are THE most worn shoes for me. As in, I wear these allll the time and actually have to make the effort to pull out other shoes to keep them in rotation. It’s because the clean white colour really *pops* and matches everything I wear, the wedge heel makes me a wee bit taller (and are less frumpy looking that flats), and for the simple fact that I can walk around for 8 hrs without wincing or having any foot issues.




And here’s a photo of my girlfriends and I, in our Holsters! With a little cameo of Hunter’s chubby little feet – Holster-less, because Holster don’t make little boys shoes. Boooo…..

Just shakin’ our legs…


I’m stalking their official site now and am lusting over these colourful babies!

Holster dream diamonte in ‘Monaco Blue’ – the much-needed wedge heel. The sleek braid. The sparkles. AHHH!!!


Holster rockstar jelly in ‘Turquoise’ – this is the yellow version but they’re releasing the turquoise next week. Eeeek, how cute! They’re also releasing a Tangerine orange version too. Hmmm. Decisions decisions.


Thanks nottoobig and Holster Australia!

You can try on and buy your Holsters at the multi-label nottoobig store, if you’re in Singapore. They are also stocked at some Mothercare outlets and at popups stalls from time to time.

You can also buy online at Holster Australia if you live somewhere else!


  • Beverly Burgess on Facebook posted on September 6, 2013 at 3:11 pm

    Thanks Not Too Big and Holster Fashion !

  • Daphne Tan on Facebook posted on September 6, 2013 at 10:03 pm

    Stop tempting me Beverly! LOL

    • Beverly! posted on September 7, 2013 at 9:54 am

      Haha I’m tempting myself! Now to figure out how to buy those 2 pairs I’m after and get them shipped in… (the nottoobig store won’t be carrying those 2 colours, sadly)…

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