Copenhagen, Family, HOLIDAYS COPENHAGEN: OH, THE FOOD! 6 July 2013

I didn’t get a chance to photo-document in detail the food that we ate in Copenhagen, since I had two kids in tow. We did manage to get some good food into our bellies though! But, it wasn’t as much of a foodie’s holiday as it would’ve been sans kids. In fact, for many of our meals, it was just a random “What’s in the area that’s edible?” and even often having dinner of toast or cereal back at the apartment because we were simply too exhausted or couldn’t find anything suitable. Really different to previous holidays before kids, when eating was #1 priority and every meal was carefully planned and researched extensively online first!

But, we really did enjoy the yummy Danish food that we got to try, and on the plus side, Hunter ate well throughout and didn’t fuss at all. The amount he ate wasn’t huge, but mostly because he was a little startled by all the table food he got (ie. high in salt/sugar/deep fried/etc) as it’s such a far cry from the steamed and super-healthy food he’s used to. That said, the moment we got back to Singapore, he voraciously ate his usual boiled egg/avocado/steamed tofu/steamed fish food and large amounts of Asian food. Guess he missed the stuff!

One of my favourite places was the Torvehallerne Market. It’s pretty new and boasts around 80 stalls divided into two halls. Given how much we love markets and pottering around them, we went there 3 times! Unfortunately, they’re also extremely kid-unfriendly (all bar seating, always full), so we didn’t actually manage to eat there.

Torvehallerne Market


Kids amusing themselves whilst we salivate over all the food


The fish and chips someone recommended 🙂 They were good! Very moist with a crisp batter.


So Mum took us to the Anderson Bakery near Tivoli Gardens, as she’d read online a bunch of rave reviews about “the best hot dog”. We managed to hunt it down and proceeded to order one hot dog each.


Let’s just say they are by far NOT my favourite hot dog. In fact, I actually didn’t like it, at all. The bread was pretty dry and uninteresting, and I found the addition of cucumber slices and deep-fried onions utterly weird. Plus, the sausages were skinny and not juicy at all. Perhaps I just cannot appreciate a Danish hot dog, but to me, this was total meh. At almost US$10 a pop, these were pretty pricey too!

Anderson Bakery hot dogs


What I loved? Checking out the Danish supermarkets. They are pretty EPIC. Tons and tons of stuff I’ve never seen, or with such a wide selection that it blew me away. It’d be so fun to live there and grocery shop!

An entire shelf of mustard, an an entire shelf of tomato ketchup. Phwoar.


This Meyers Bageri sells THE BEST vanilla tart I’ve ever eaten. Chris concurs. Wish we had these here in SG!

Buying vanilla tarts


We had a fabulous meal at Un Mercato. It was right outside Torvehallerne Market and had an airy yet rustic interior. Loved it. It was comfortable, with lots of light streaming in, and the kids were comfortable.

It was one of the best meals IMHO. The meats were cooked to perfection, and the sides were so tasty. I simply loved this place and was disappointed I didn’t get a chance to bring Chris there when he arrived in Copenhagen!

Dining at Un Mercato


Orange picker


Carter reluctantly eating his baby squeezy packet food (he’s now flat out refusing to eat these now)


iPad: magically settles kids down at the table


Beef, pork, risotto balls and potatoes. EVERYTHING WAS AMAZING.


Watching the world go by outside the window


Enjoying a glass of white


Another memorable meal was at Pilekroen. It was a tiny restaurant stuck on a road corner that we stumbled upon in Frederiksburg, and boy, am I glad we did! We got a whole roasted steak that you carve by yourself, and it was a STUNNER. I rarely taste meat this luscious and juicy and packed with flavour… and this was sublime. I can’t imagine anyone giving this dish a bad review. Well, except perhaps a vegetarian.

The cozy interior of Pilekroen


The stunning roast beef, served with hashbrowns and wedges


Hunter was rather delighted with the (pretty cute) and young chef!


An odd meal we had was at Kalaset. Situated down the stairs, it’s a cozy nook of a cafe that’s tucked away and we only ‘discovered’ it because we were specifically looking for it as Mum had seen kickass reviews of it online.

I call it an odd meal because it was both amazing and not-so-amazing, all at the same time. I’ll explain what I mean in the photos below..

At Kalaset. All about vintage radios and wares! With lots of people drinking coffee and working on laptops, it was a total hipster hangout.


The most AMAZING lattes. Ohhhh how I dream of this!


A highly recommended dish online. But, errr, it looked absolutely pathetic. Mum, the bread lover, said the bread was fab though.


Pancakes, also raved online. I liked the really doughy/thick texture (almost like a dense cake), but Chris and Dad balked at it and refused to eat any more!


Hunter, all pensive, waiting for us to finish our meal


Enjoying our brunch 🙂



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      I love it too! We look so totally relaxed 🙂


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