Copenhagen, Family COPENHAGEN: FREDERIKSBERG PARK 3 July 2013

Frederiksberg Park boasts one of the largest gardens in Copenhagen, and is a gorgeous area to hang out, especially when the weather is cool and sunny as it was when we visited. With lots of walking paths and lovely lakes, it’s all lush and green and very kid-friendly. We didn’t have the time to potter our way through the whole park, but we did enjoy the bits that we got to see!

A little bridge over the river, shrouded by a giant tree


Boats went floating past! The kids amused themselves by waving to the people..


There were loads of ducks/geese/swans around. And they were so tame! Guess they get fed lots by people in the park. They waddled all around the park and in the ponds, much to our delight.

Carter’s just got this COME CLOSER SO I CAN EAT YOU look on his face


Very typical snapshot of our kids – Carter all excited and cheery about… anything. Hunter all pensive and taking his time to warm up about… everything.


This little one had a grand ‘ol time climbing all over the park bench


My cheery lil man!


Disapproving baby disapproves of his first taste of sitting on/touching grass. But, he got over it a second later and had fun!


A very pretty and very tame duck


For some reason, I look at this photo and I can practically see Hunter as a teenger. He doesn’t seem very baby-ish here!


And we saw……….. FERRETS!!! I was so excited. It made me really miss our two little ferrets Misty and Star (remember them?). Hunter misheard me when I said “ferrets” and replied “No. They’re not parrots, mama. Silly mama!”

Looks just like our ferret Misty!


We walked along the streets afterwards. Came past this statue, and Hunter pointed out “Looks just like Daddy and Mama in the bath”. I am as confused as you are.


A rare shot of a (sorta) scowly-faced Carter


That’s all for today, folks!


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Haha, what has mama and papa been doing in the bath? Either that it may be as simple as that they are a couple 🙂