We visited Nyhavn in Copenhagen, the area where Hans Christian Andersen lived for 18 years! Literally translated into “New Harbour”, it’s a lovely walk by the river with some very brightly coloured and cheery looking townhouses lined up and down the riverside. The weather was windy and wavered between warm and cold (depending if the wind was blowing and if you were standing in the sun or shade), but I really enjoyed the walk because the sights and sounds were so unique.

On the bus to Nyhavn


Like a picture book!


Both kids snoozing. WIN.


“Let’s go…… HERE”

We decided to hop onto a canal cruise around Nyhavn. Turns out it was a fab idea, as the weather was simply brilliant! Cool and breezy, but really sunny with clear skies. Both kids had a really fab time bobbing along the water and checking out the sights. Yes, it’s a pretty touristy thing to do, but you just gotta do it!

Beautiful views


Soaking in the warm sun


Posting this pic as I find it kinda hilarious, Carter looks about as wide as I am here 😉 I can’t believe he once fit in my belly!


Little video of us on the cruise httpv://


So pleased!


OK so this is missing a child of ours, but I LOVE the casual, laid-back vibe of this family pic


Great seats right by the water!


There were many bridges that were so low we could touch them as we passed under


Watching the world go by


Wind in your hair.. sun on your face.. life’s pretty dandy!


Just chilling




I could get used to life like this!


My precious… Both of them 😉


His sunshine smile. Never fails to make me grin right back!


Love love LOVE my baby wombat!

We stumbled upon a restaurant that specialised in Danish herring. In fact, they offered a HERRING BUFFET!!! Goodness. I was beyond excited. It’s nothing like I’ve ever eaten before.. herring in a variety of ways that were all delicious. There’s something about Danish herring – it’s so incredibly silky and soft and unfishy that it’s like you’re not eating fish. It’s a shame it’s not popular in Singapore, because I’d love to have it again. And, as expected, we pretty much cleaned out their whole buffet of herring. I think, after we left, they put up a sign saying “No Singapore’s allowed near herring buffet” 😉

The rustic interior. Loved it!


The restaurant was down a small set of stairs and all wooden and cozy


Herring buffet. Heavenly.


One of the plates of herring… cooked/served in a variety of ways. Pretty cool huh? My favourite was the Blueberry-infused herring (purple one at the bottom), so unusual but it was amazing.


Their lunch platter. Also excellent! Or maybe I’m just a biiigggg fan of Danish food.


Hunter’s fish fillet, he polished the whole thing off, and ate herring with us too


Eating is serious business 😉

I was really disappointed we didn’t get a chance to go back to this restaurant to eat herring again. I LOVE the stuff. Does anyone know if there’s a restaurant in Singapore that offers authentic Danish herring?