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My first Mother’s Day as a mum of two. It’s a little startling how much life has changed. I would have flat out thought you were insane if you have told me, 5 years ago, that I’d be here now – married with two children.

But here I am.

Motherhood is such a privilege, and even though we mums love to snipe and groan about our kids’ madness, really and truly, we feel thoroughly BLESSED to have them. Their sugar-pie smiles and ultra sweet “I love you mama” murmurings more than make up for the hair-pulling and head-bashing they make us want to do. To ourselves, I mean. (though maybe sometimes we do sorta kinda fantasize about doing that to them………..)

I really do believe that having children makes you view the world differently; makes you really choose who you want to be friends with; and makes you realise every day just how fortunate you are.

I guess, in a way, it’s hard to truly appreciate your own mum until you’ve given birth and raised a child yourself.

No that’s not quite the right word.. I guess the right word to be to “truly understand” your own mum, because now you know what she’s been through just to get you through to adulthood in one piece.

So what did we do today? We had a wonderful morning swim! The weather was lovely and the sun was out, so the kids went splashing away in the pool. They loved it and it also got rid of some energy so they could conk out for their afternoon nap later 😉

We also had homemade French toast with fruit compote and maple syrup for breakfast, made with bread that Chris bought from the bakery the same morning, freshly baked hours ago. It was lovely. Though Hunter, the nut, merrily ate his yogurt with bananas and spinach/blueberry/apple puree and rejected the French toast.

Homemade French toast with fruit compote and maple syrup


We had an early dinner after church at GRUB. Man I HAVE FOUND THE TWO BEST DINNER DISHES THERE!!!!!! And because I’m super duper nice, I’m gonna share them with you:

  1. Pan-seared king salmon with risotto and chimichurri ($15) – I rarely order salmon when I’m out, unless I’m fine dining. Reason being more often than not, the salmon is overcooked. I am verrrryyyy picky, I like it done very moist and not cooked through on the inside. These guys do it spot-on. It means the salmon retains its natural juices and is extremely tender and moist, excellent for kids too. The risotto is executed well and smooth and creamy. It’s a good portion for an average-to-large eater.
  2. Pork steak burger with apples and chimichurri sauce ($12) – this sounds utterly UN-exciting on the menu. All I think about is a slab of tough and chewy meat. They ought to rename it to “OMG this is super amazing ultra juicy and squishy and soft pork burger, like you’ve never had before in your life“. Yep, that should be written on the menu instead. It is so mind-boggingly tender and wet and soft it’s not even normal?!?!?!?! I can’t describe it properly. Just go there, and order this burger. Then your eyes will bug out upon first bite, and you’ll see what I mean.
Getting my GRUB on


Me and my little Grubette! Naked, because it was hot and the sun hadn’t set yet


For Mother’s Day, Chris is taking me out on a Gold Class movie date (Iron Man, yay!). I know it’s a bit weird to celebrate without the kids, but I think we’ve only been to a movie once or maybe twice in TWO years, basically since Hunter was born. So this is what I wanted.

Carter was very well-behaved and slept/ate/etc like a champion. Which, to me, is the best gift 😉

Hunter said “Happy Mother’s Day, mama” in his sweet little voice, accompanied with a hug and a kiss. It  made me melt into a puddle.

He also made sure I also had to use my manners, no exceptions even though it was my special day. He passed me a toy car to play with, and I took it from him – and didn’t say a word cos I was a bit distracted watching Carter.

“Mama”, he admonished. “Hunter gave you car. You didn’t say thank you.”

“Oops… “, I admitted. “Thank you Hunter.”

“You’re welcome. Good mama”, he grinned cheekily.

May you always be such a decent young man, and always remember your manners, my darling!

Putting on his “I’m an angel” face


And the movies below were taken last week, just of Hunter chattering away about… random things! He always has something to say and some tall story to tell, but I always have to listen to his stories and chat back, or he gets really angry I’m ignoring him!


Rambling away about what he saw outside

More nattering

A little prayer that struck a chord


HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the special mums out there. And especially to my own mum, who has always held my hand through the years, no matter what.


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