FOOD, Food reviews, Food reviews - Singapore OMAKASE BURGER 17 March 2013

Omakase Burger
200 Turf Club Road
#01-05 The Grandstand
PRICE: $$$$
RATING: ???–

For a joint that prides themselves on recreating the authentic all-American burger, you’d think they wouldn’t call it Omakase Burger and make people think it’s a japanese place?

Regardless, I was urged many times to go check it out.. and so I did.

Located in the new Grandstand (formerly Turf City), it has a fast-food joint flair to the place. You place your order at the counter (which is strewn with newspapers and magazines reviewing the place), and collect your order at the window when your buzzer goes off.

Omakase Burger


What makes Omakase different?


Because of the fast-food aspect, and because we are eating burgers after all, I was COMPLETELY ASTONISHED at how expensive everything was.

I would value a small-sized burger that’s done brilliantly at $8-9. And actually I already think that’s pretty pricey, but that’s the price I would probably pay for a burger that blows my socks off.

Omakase Burgers, in comparison, START at $13.90… for a very very very small burger. I’m talking appetizer size here.

I just…… I can’t even.

But I won’t go on about the ridiculous price point, because that’s just boring.

How do the burgers fare?

Flat-out spectacular. 

Made with freshly-ground patties that are smashed on the grill so they’re all lovely and crusty on the edges, they taste incredible. Juicy and tender, full of flavour. The buns are fluffy and buttery, and the whole burger is just blimmin’ wonderful. You won’t be disappointed.

My only problem? The Deluxe Cheeseburger with a generous helping of grilled onions and mushrooms was anything BUT “generous”. I can’t understand why they lie by informing you there’s a “generous helping of grilled onions and mushrooms”. That’s just cruel, dudes. To set the record straight – it’s a “tiny” helping of small sliced mushrooms you can count on one hand, and a scattering of onions. A real shame 🙁

Deluxe Cheeseburger with a ‘generous’ helping of grilled onions and mushrooms ($15.90), Sweet potato fries ($4.90)


You can see in the above picture how astonishingly small the burger is.. it fits into my palm. You’d need about two burgers to fill yourself, except these babies are expensive so you’re better off heading off to a fancy restaurant!

The burger was delicious though.. and had me sighing in pleasure 😉 So so so so good.

Their Sweet potato fries came in a teeny glass cup which captured moisture so various parts of the fries were a bit wet. It didn’t bother me, but it will annoy those that like their fries crispy. They were good, but basically same as the frozen sweet potato fries you can get at grocery stores.

Verdict? One helluva excellent burger, but extremely tiny – which translates to very poor value for money when factoring in the sky-high price tag.