Carter, Family, Hunter, HUNTER, CARTER & CHLOE FAMILY PHOTOSHOOT 2 March 2013

We did a photoshoot last month, when Hunter was 24 months and Carter was 6 months old. No particular reason, but just cos we decided to 😛

The really annoying thing about Singapore is that you’re heavily constrained when it comes to photoshoot locations. Sure, you can do it indoors in a studio, but it does look a little sterile (though the shots often come out really beautiful and make for great icons/avatars!). Problem with outdoors, though, is Singapore’s disgusting humidity and heat. I can’t stand it! And, there aren’t many nice locations that are kid-friendly either.

The other problem was that the kids would get really hot and bothered in the humidity/heat. Sure enough, our Sunshine Bear (aka Carter) was squinting and scowling in EVERY. SINGLE. SHOT. Hunter was a little better, as he somewhat forgot about the heat since he could run around and play. But it was still really hard, and all of us were sweaty too!

So we ended up at the Jacob Balas children’s garden at the Botanic Gardens, which was also a bit annoying because every bloody family has their photoshoot there too! YAWN. But, I figured that the scenery wouldn’t be the focus so it wouldn’t be too obvious.. yet it would give a nice lush green background for the shots. So we locked it in.

On the day itself, everything went smoothly and the weather was as good as it could get – fairly cool (for SG’s standards), with some clouds. There weren’t many people around to distract, and the natural lighting was good.

I was pleased.



I was wearing a dress, and the kids were in fairly formal (ie. collared shirt) clothing. The idea was to take a few shots in that clothing, then swap to casual clothes for informal pics… especially nice for candid pics playing around in a park, right?

Well, I forgot the freakin’ casual clothes for myself and the kids. ARGH. Good one, Beverly.

Anyway, we had to make do. I thought we ended up looking a bit “odd” and misplaced in the photos below… but I guess it’s not too obvious or weird.


Tell me I’m right!

Our family 🙂


Hunter’s face – classic!


My precious baby bunyip!


A quiet moment… with our boys oblivious


Brotherly love


“GAK! Don’t strangle me, Hunter”


The best kinda cuddles are from Daddy


Daddy and Me. Check out the top-right photo… copy & paste!!


Big kiss


With our big boy


Told to pose “you know, like a boy band”


Love this photo ‘cos Hunter suddenly decided to swat down for it when told to pose 😉


We climbed up that tree, hoisting the kids with us!


A (very rare) couple shot of Chris and I


Doing what he does best – pose for the camera


Dad with his two favourite boys




Extended family photo


I like this one!


Playing on a digger in the sandpit


Cooling off


I thought this looked rather Calvin Klein model-like…. until that last photo popped up. LOL!


I’m wearing an Espirit dress which I love because it’s super-light and thin, and in my favourite colours.

The kids are wearing Elly ‘pirate’ shirts which I thought was a cute theme for the outdoor shoot. Hunter’s shirt was a bit (OK, very) big for him though, which I think does show up quite obviously in the photos. Darn!

Next time we do a photoshoot, I think I’m going to do it indoors in a studio and see if it’s better/worse than outdoors!

SG familieshave you done indoor or outdoor shoots? Or both? Which one do you reckon results in nicer photos??


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Nice that you snuck in a couple shot too. And I loved the one with your parents too. We haven’t had our family photos taken professionally but we’re thinking of it.

I would love to do one a year at around the same time.. but man, I don’t know if I’m organised enough to remember/book/do it 😉

Lovely pics gal!

For us, we did a shoot at home with Miki when she was two-week old. I think for babies, it’s easier and nicer at home as they can be photographed doing their usual activities in a familiar environment. Once they can walk/run, outdoors would be nicer. Many of my friends have done shoots at Wessex – you get the greenery without the crowd. Can’t avoid the heat and humidity unfortunately, unless you do early morning or late evening.

Yeah the humidity really does a number on you.. esp when it comes to hair and make up 😉 I really wonder if our kids would’ve been more comfy in an airconditioned studio setting!

We did ours at Jacob Ballas too. 8am so that it wouldn’t be too warm! But still, we were sweating buckets!

The photo with your parents included is so heartwarming! And I’m so jealous you guys managed to get in some couple shots!

Outdoor shoots are the way to go! I don’t think the kids can be restrained in a confined area for long to do photoshoots.

Yeah, I’m SO PLEASED we got that one (!) couple shot. It was random too, not that anyone specifically said we had to do one. Wish we’d done more now.. I miss them…

I like outdoor shoots cos the kids are more free, but argh, it needs to be 10 celcius cooler!

We did ours in Botanical Gardens where the big tembusu tree is. But we arranged for the shoot to be at 8am in the morning so it wasn’t hot and the light was great!

Good point! But our kids don’t wake up til 8ish so we had to do ours at 10am… still not too bad, but it got HOT at the end