Of all the ballet flats I own or have tried so far, Chloé still emerge as one of my firm favourites. Many ballet flats ‘bite’ me at the heel, or the edges rub and chafe against the upper part of my feet. There are a few brands of ballet flats that work for me, but Chloe are BY FAR the best I’ve tried so far.

These Chloe scalloped ballet flats are ultra ultra soft! They’re made of supple nappa leather.. one of my favourite leathers ever. They slip on like a dream, and the leather is buttery soft. They feel like a sock! Zero biting, zero chafing, just super comfy. I also like the scalloped edge, which I think make them look a little prettier and more feminine than traditional ballet flats.

Super pretty, don’t you reckon? 🙂

Chloe scalloped ballet flats in metallic gunmetal silver


Feeling almost kinda like Dorothy


This is my precious, prized collection of Chloe flats. They’re a little dressier than wearing sandals, and I am just a sucker for good quality leather. I can wear them out shopping, or for a dinner date.

Carter looking most unimpressed, and Hunter’s sneaky lil fingers *tsk*


Metallic black, ruby red, metallic gunmetal silver, cream


Only downside to buying Chloe flats is that you have to be aware that they do stretch. They’re made of such buttery leather, so it molds to the shape of your feet but can also expand. For this reason, I always size half-to-one size down, and then they’re perfect!