Carter, Carter's progress, HUNTER, CARTER & CHLOE CARTER: MONTH 3-4 PROGRESS 5 December 2012

Happy 4 month Birthday, Carter!


Oh how I love my littlest man!!! I’m so tickled that I have a SMILEY child. I’ll be frank, Hunter wasn’t a very smiley or social baby… he was to Chris and I, but to no one else. It would be a huuuuge effort just to get him to crack a smile, and Hunter was completly (in)famous for his DEATHSTARE. He no longer deathstares (as much) fortunately but for the longest time, he was quite a serious child.

But Carter! Oh my! He’s just a fat bundle of smiles! I love it 🙂 All he needs is someone to look at him, and he’ll break out in a cheery grin. Chris reckons it means his smiles come a little cheap (LOL) but it’s nice having a kid that laughs so easily.

Carter’s special smile, though, is JUST FOR ME. It’s this wide-eyed, I just adore you kinda look that makes my heart go all fluttery and weak and mushy. He has a special look and smile for me that he gives to nobody else, not even to his Dad. He absolutely adores me, his whole world revolves around me, and he wants nobody but me. And it’s obvious to everyone that sees him. It makes me feel so loved and so special, because I never got that with Hunter.. who, to this day, prefers Chris and my Dad over me (unless he’s sick or upset, then it’s “Mamaaaaa”).

“Yes I do!!”


All smiles in the morning


Baby giggles. Oh how they make my heart melt!


Carter has a real feisty streak though. If he’s unhappy about something…. the scream he emits is window-shattering. It blasts our ear drums, makes people reel, and has everyone turning around to stare and wonder WHO’S TRYING TO THROTTLE A BABY??? He is a Drama King. It’s awful too cos he won’t stop until the particular need is met, driving everyone insane in the meantime 🙁 🙁 🙁

He’s also pretty… heavy. He was already 8KG a few weeks ago and just keeps getting fatter?? But he’s on 100% breastmilk so nothing we can do.


Staggering around baby-carrying my chunky monkey


Small Fry? You wish!


  • EATING – Breastfeeds exactly 6 times a day, like clockwork. He spends the entire time staring at me with the same adoring look. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find that totally endearing!
Looking up at me, waiting for his feed


Very satisfied after his meal


  • SLEEPING – Carter sleeps from 7:30PM straight through for 12-13 hours. I feed him anytime between 5:30 – 7:30AM though, depending on whether he grunts/shifts around or my boobs feel like they’re gonna explode. He has an odd habit of frequently screaming himself to sleep. It’ll only be for a few minutes, but he’ll scream blue murder periodically, whilst appearing to fall asleep. Weird thing is that he’ll then put himself to sleep and be quiet as a mouse! It’s like he’s releasing a final burst of energy or something before he can sleep?? Also, sometimes after the 5ish mark, he’ll be really noisy (or maybe I’m only semi-asleep by then so I hear it more), so it really disrupts me and I end up sleep deprived pretty frequently 🙁
Clowning around before bedtime


  • PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT – Can reach for and grab objects, bringing them to his mouth. He spends the majority of the time clasping his hands together and ‘praying’ though. He adores tummy time and is very sturdy sitting in the Bumbo, as well as can hold his weight on his legs easily. Very strong neck control (I guess cos he’s pretty chunky) so we always have to remind people to “be careful, support his neck” when they hold him, as frequently they pick him up without doing so, forgetting he’s only really little!
    Also had his first swim this month! He really liked it.. dishing out happy smiles. Can’t wait to get him into the big pool in a few months 🙂
First swim


Hunter will proactively go up and cuddle/kiss Carter, which is infinitely sweet. Carter will follow Hunter with his eyes endlessly, he absolutely adores his older brother. Can’t wait til both of them can run around and play together!

Chilling out watching a bit of TV in the morning… a rare treat for both!




Carter is a real social creature – he thrives on going out, and having human interaction and attention. He’s also really vocal, and will have endless ‘conversations’ chattering away with me. He’s actually pretty noisy!

My girl friend summed Carter up best – “he’d be the easiest baby in the world, IF he were your first born”. That describes Carter so eloquently because he is a perfect, smiley, placid baby that behaves, sleeps well and eats well……. provided he gets all my attention. However, that isn’t always the case, since Hunter demands a lot of my attention and energy, and so Carter really becomes a monster when he fights for attention. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde…..


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