HOLIDAYS, Living in... USA, New York I <3 NEW YORK 17 November 2012

Let’s just say that when I go back to full-time work… I’ll be looking at NYC for job vacancies in my field 😉

The thing that really appealed to me about the city (apart from the fact that it was a bustling city much like Singapore and Sydney), was how easy it is to live in NYC. There are amenities and shops and restaurants the moment I stepped out of our apartment building, and virtually everything you need is within walking distance. I really liked the healthy-living approach, with people walking from A to B… there’s not much need for transport, unless you’re going to the next suburb.

This means that you tend to make friends within your immediate area.. so there’s a strong culture of local playdates and mummy lunches. A far cry from my situation here in Singapore where we live 30mins from the city and have to drive there/back every single day. Painful!

I found NYC very baby friendly, and people were really kind when they saw I was carrying around a baby. To be fair, NYC also has its fair share of squashed cafes/restaurants that are no good for babies and families, but since you’re spoiled for choice, it’s easy to simply avoid those places.

And don’t even get me started on the shopping in NYC.

I love the vibe, and I love the way of living in NYC. If I had a choice, it’d be my #1 place to live in the world, and #2 being either San Francisco or Sydney!

Ready to hit the streets of NYC


At Columbus Circle, NYC. Skies still look a little threatening, because it took a couple of days post-Hurricane for the weather to clear up


Walking along the South side of Central Park (couldn’t cut through the park as it was closed post-hurricane)


Quaint horse-drawn carriages


Really liked Dean & Deluca’s corn muffin


The madness of Times Square


Hunter in his own world cos he discovered a train table (he is a bit obsessed with trains and vehicles, if you couldn’t tell)


Beautiful scenery at Central Park, when it finally opened a couple of days after Hurricane Sandy


Hunter having a total blast in Central Park Zoo and Petting Farm


He loved the goats!


One delighted little boy


Checking out the pretty sailboats


Too cool for school


I want to kiss that smirk right off your face!


With my dear gfs at Central Park. Just like Gossip Girl…. only with screaming babies included.


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

I laughed when you wrote your comment about the pain of driving 30 minutes to and from work every day. I used to think 20 minutes drive was a long way leaving singapore, but now I realise 30 minutes to work is actually pretty damn good considering the commute for most people in Melbourne and Sydney! 🙂

i’m surprised that NY is a family-friendly place! had always thought of it as being a place for young working adults and wall street of course :p ahh, have been wanting to go there since forever but never had the chance to swing by whenever i am in the states! can’t wait to see the rest of your NYC photos :p

I have to say now that I’m here, the quality of life is so much better than in HK! I’m so glad Sterl was “forced” to move here 🙂

I am actually surprise at how baby friendly the city is given that when we visited (2007) it was all partying / hanging out without C.

I fully agree.. I didn’t expect NYC to be baby friendly AT ALL. And I think you’ll love it even more once you meet other families and start hanging out with people near you. I am so envious you are there!

I have never been to NYC, it’s my number one place to visit and hope to get there on our next trip to Canada. My in laws are on the east coast of Canada and not actually many hours away so always been close but unfortunately never got there. We live in St Leonards but on the border of Crows Nest and I love having so many restaurants and stores at our doorstep (not the same as NYC though!) it’s the main reason we chose the place we bought as it’s so convenient. I think everyone dreams of living in NYC 🙂 Hunter is looking very cool!!

I hope you’ll get to go too… and yes, yu might as well since you travel sooo close to it!

I used ot live in St Leonards, have a whole bunch of old blog entries on food places there but not sure how many still exist now heh. I loved Kacha Thai and Belle pizza, and Nilgiri indian!!

I heart NYC. It was my number one choice for uni but unfortunately my dad decided it was too far away at that time. If I didn’t have kids, I would definitely still love to live there for a bit.

yeah sadly it’s so so so far away!
I actually reckon it’s as baby friendly as Sydney, if not more. So I’m hoping we can move there one day 😛

Love the photos of Hunter with his hands in his pockets! Too cool 🙂 did he do that himself?

Never thought of NYC as a liveable city… travelled there a couple of times for work while living/working in CT. But maybe that’s why – never got to really see the more relaxed side of NY 🙂

I think my parents asked him to put his hands in his pockets as it was cold!

NYC is sooo livable, especially for families. I was surprised!